Dragon’s Dogma 2 Compiling Shaders Stuck Fix

While booting Dragon's Dogma 2, it can sometimes get stuck while it is compiling shaders. Here are some fixes to remedy that problem.

The sequel to the popular action RPG, Dragon’s Dogma 2, is back. However, you will find that when you boot up the game, it takes a very long time in Compiling Shaders. This is a normal process and is required for the game to function, but can take a long time. In some cases, it can even get stuck when loading.

The easiest fix would be to restart the game, but the Shaders may even take a long time to compile the game if the process is interrupted. This Dragon’s Dogma 2 Compiling Shaders Fix guide will tell you how to resolve your issues in simple steps.

Reboot the Game/PC

Your initial try should be restarting your game. There is a chance your game might not have loaded properly in the first launch, so restarting would help. It takes about 5-8 minutes for the shaders to compile, so if anything takes up within this time period, this is normal. However, if it takes anything beyond 10 minutes, close your game and restart. If it doesn’t work, you can restart your PC.

Update Graphic Card Driver

Sometimes, the graphics card is outdated and not working properly; try updating it. This might help in addressing the shader fix issues. Once the driver is updated, launch the game to test it again.

Check for Corrupted/Missing Game Files

Use Steam to verify that none of your game files is missing or corrupted. Follow the given steps to do this:

  • Open Steam library and choose the properties option of Dragon’s Dogma 2
  • Select ‘Installed files’ first, and then ‘Verify the integrity of game’s files’ option
  • Let Steam verify the integrity of files; once the process is complete, restart your PC and launch the game.

Flush Your Shader Cache

You can try to clear the shader cache using your GPUs control panel. Depending on what you have, an Nvidia or an AMD card, go into the control panel and look for the options for 3D Settings. Look for the option to flush your cache here and then boot up Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Reinstall the Game

If none of the above tips worked for you, your last option should be to reinstall Dragon’s Dogma 2. Sometimes the files don’t get installed properly or get corrupted. The only thing to do in this situation is to reinstall the game which reinstalls the files properly. However, if the issue still persists, you should contact Capcom support and create a ticket.

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