Dragon Age Inquisition – How to Generate Guard

How to generate Guard in Dragon Age Inquisition. Find out which abilities generate guard in the game!

Generating in-game ‘Guard’ can be a daunting rather baffling task for some.

What you need to understand is that abilities which explicitly read ‘Generate –%’ will generate ‘Guard’. This guide discusses abilities which generate ‘Guard’ for Warrior.

There are some abilities which also require Passive Abilities to be learnt.

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How to Generate Guard in Dragon Age Inquisition

1-Handed and Shield

Shield Wall
Activate Shield Wall and you Warrior will generate Guard after getting hit up front. You will require stamina for this. As long as your stamina remains, Warrior will keep on generating Guard. It is better to use Shield Wall only when required.


Black and Slash
You also need to learn Flawless Defense for this ability. It generates 15% Guard and costs stamina per second. Since this is an expensive ability, you need to use it with proper timing.


War Cry
This is an AOE taunt which generates 20% Guard per enemy within range. With this, you can generate 100% Guard if there are five enemies within range.

This is a single-target taunt which generates 10% Guard.

Charge Bull
This is a toggle ability which can be turned on/off per will. You will generate 10% Guard for every enemy hit. It is better to use this ability at melee range.

You will receive 10% flat Guard which increases 20% with passive abilities for every nearby enemy.


To the Death
You will need its passive ability to use this ability. With this ability, you will generate 25% Guard.

Walking Fortress
You will need its passive ability to use this ability. With this ability, you will generate 10% Guard every time you are hit and temporary damage immunity for 8 seconds.

This is certainly one of the best abilities when it comes to generating Guard i.e. 100%.

In addition to this, there are certain Masterwork Crafting Items which also generate Guard. You can think of it as additional HP which does not deplete over time. Therefore, you can generate Guard on weak enemies and get ready to face tougher foes.

Credits for this guide go to Ghoxen from Reddit.

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