DOOM Boss Guide – Cyberdemon, Hell Guard, Spider Mastermind

There are a total of three primary DOOM bosses that you encounter in the game. Each of these bosses bring unique attack patterns and strategies to the battle.

It is a good idea to have an idea about the attack patterns of these bosses before you head in to take them out. One thing that you should try to have before these boss battles is BFG as it can easily stun them, allowing you to deal some more damage before retreating.

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DOOM Boss Guide

With our DOOM boss guide, you will be able to defeat them in no time:

DOOM Cyberdemon

Cyberdemon is one of the three main bosses in the game that is not easy to take down. It is a good idea to learn all its move and attacks before trying to take it out.

Rocket Launcher Attack
Fires high velocity rockets in player’s direction that can be avoided by moving from one side to another.

Only executes when you get in too close to the boss. You can quickly move back to avoid getting hit.

A swipe attack that the boss executes from a considerable range and can be avoided by jumping over it.

The boss steps back a little and then charges in player’s direction followed by a ground-pound attack that can be avoid by moving to either direction.

The boss throws multiple projectiles into the air that hit ground at highlighted circular areas. You need to make sure to get away from these circles to avoid taking damage.

General Strategy
It is a good idea to tackle this boss with weapons such as Gauss Cannon or Rocket Launcher and find opportunities to fire whenever possible.

You should also try to hit the boss using the BFG and then throw everything at your disposal. Do note that damaging the boss will cause it to drop supplies and ammo so make sure to pick them up whenever possible.

As mentioned above, you need to stay on the move and find your window to attack before starting to dodge again. You need to continue to attack until you see it fall to one knee and then perform a Glory Kill to cut off the leg and trigger Phase 2.

During the second phase, the boss will get some new attacks and will harder than before. Whenever you see the boss slamming its fists into the ground, do note that it is trying to trap you. When you see that are trapped, make sure that your movement patterns are calculated and do not move too much on either side.

As for scythe, do note that it will always come as high/low/high. In addition to this, keep the attacks mentioned earlier in mind and continue to attack the boss until you are able to stagger it and perform a Glory Kill to finish it off for good.

DOOM Hell Guard

This boss wields dual melee weapons, has a shield that absorbs huge amount of damage, and an energy ball that deals huge amount of damage if it makes contact with the players.

Coming to the boss’s shield, whenever you see it around the boss, do not try and damage the boss because it will penetrate it all. Instead of wasting your ammo, you should try to charge up your Gauss Cannon and fire once the shield is down.

If you try to get too close to the boss, it will swipe or slam its club which deals huge amount of damage and must be avoided. In addition to this, if you see the boss wave the left weapon in air, prepare for incoming fireball attack that packs a punch. It is not a good idea to be in close range during this attack.

If you have a safe distance, make sure to land a couple of shots before starting to dodge. The boss will also throw orbs from the shield that have high velocity. However, you should try to hit the energy ball at this point in order to stun the boss.

If you see the boss with its shield up and spinning, get ready for a devastating attack. During this point, a total of six pillars of fire will start erupting from the ground. You need to run along the pattern to avoid damage and make sure to hit boss with everything at your disposal once it stops.

After you see the boss slam its club into the ground three times, make sure to get behind the boss for some insane damage. Lastly, perform a Glory Kill on the boss to finish it off.

DOOM Spider Mastermind

This boss has a lot of armor and a couple of weak areas near the head where the weapon is placed. Coming to attacks, when you see the boss flip over, it will fire high speed energy shots which can be avoided by moving in any direction, however, do note that the boss can change the angle of shots at any time.

After you see the boss hook its claws into the ground, it will fire a total of seven lasers which you will be able to avoid by either jumping or ducking down.

In addition to this, the boss has the ability to move around the arena while constantly firing the energy weapon. Moreover, whenever you are close to the behemoth, make sure to steer clear of the claw swipe attack.

About midway through the battle, the boss will spread a toxic gas around the arena which will damage players inside the radius. However, as soon as you see the gas disperse, you need to climb one of the platforms and use your best weapon to fire a couple of shots at the boss before retreating.

You also need to keep in mind that the boss can destroy the pillars, dealing huge damage to you. After you have managed to take the boss’s health bar to critical level, it will get reduced mobility, but will still be able to fire – so make sure not to get carried away after seeing it collapse.

At this point, the boss will also spawn a pillar at the top of its head which it will throw at you for dealing huge amount of damage. Do note that you can also stun the boss by destroying the pillar before it is charged.

In addition to this, do note that you can also use BFG to collapse the boss and make it fall to the ground and deal some damage before it gets up. You need to continue to hit the boss on its head to make quick work of it and finish it off with a Glory Kill.

This is all we have on DOOM boss battles guide. If there is something else you would like to know, do make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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