DOOM Praetor Suit Upgrades Guide – How to Unlock, Upgrade

With the exception of a couple of DOOM missions, you will come across dead bodies of Elite Guards scattered around the singleplayer missions. You can interact with these dead bodies in order to collect a Praetor Token which can be used for DOOM Praetor Suit Upgrades.

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DOOM Praetor Suit Upgrades Guide

There are total of five categories in which you can upgrade Praetor Suit. However, the way in which you should upgrade the suit primarily depends upon your playstyle. In addition to this, the suit can also be upgraded by finding Argent Cells.

In our Praetor Suits upgrades guide, we have discussed all the upgrades, each one’s description, and upgrades description:

Key: Praetor Suit Upgrade – Use – Tokens Required

Environmental Resistance

How to Unlock: Find the Praetor Suit

This provides resistance against explosive and environmental damage. Upgrades like Barrels O’ Fun makes you completely immune to barrel explosion damage.

  • Hazard Protection – This upgrade reduces explosive barrel and environmental damage received at the cost of 1 token point.
  • Self Preservation – This upgrade reduces weapon Self Damage at the cost of 2 token points.
  • Barrels O’ Fun – This upgrade helps you stay immune to explosive barrel damage at the cost of 3 token points.

Area-Scanning Technology

How to Unlock: Use an AutoMap Station to Unlock

This is meant for explorers who do not want to miss out on a single thing. You can go with Full View and all nearby items will start appearing on your map.

  • Item Awareness – Using the AutoMap, Exploration Items are revealed in a broad radius around you, which will cost you 1 token point.
  • Secret Sense – As you get close to any secret area, the compass will automatically pulse; notifying you about the existence of an area, at the cost of 2 token points.
  • Full View – AutoMap will automatically show Exploration Items on it, at the cost of 3 token points.

Equipment System

How to Unlock: You need to pick up an Equipment Item

This basically makes better the recharge time equipment capacity. If you are the one relying on pieces of equipment, this one is definitely for you.

  • Quick Charge – Reduces your equipment’s recharge duration, at the cost of 4 token points.
  • Stock Up – Adds charges for your equipment, at the cost of 3 token points.
  • Rapid Charge – Reduces your equipment’s recharge duration at the farthest, costing you 4 token points.

Powerup Effectiveness

How to Unlock: You need to use a powerup

If you heavily rely on using powerups, this is meant for you. This vastly improves the effects of powerups which become quite useful later down the road and especially during end-game missions.

  • Power Surge – When a powerup is diminished, releases a blast wave that damages anyone coming in its radius, costing you 1 token point.
  • Healing Power – Once a powerup is initiated, the maximum amount of health will be increased, costing you 2 token points.
  • Power Extender – Increases the duration of any active powerup, costing you 3 token points.


How to Unlock: You need to have 4 weapons

This grants you additional speed while doing things like swapping weapons, climbing ledges, and swapping mods. Since these things can mean life and death at high difficulty settings and during end-game missions, this is something you should definitely look into.

  • Adept – Enables you to swap between weapons at a rapid speed, at the cost of 2 token points.
  • Quick Hands – Enables you to grab ledges at a rapid speed, at the cost of 3 token points.
  • Hot Swap – Enables you to swap between weapon mods at a rapid speed, at the cost of 4 token points.

This is all we have on DOOM Praetor Suit Upgrades Guide. If there is something else you would like to know, do make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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