DOOM Weapons Guide – Weapons Mods, Mod Upgrades, Mastery Challenges Tips

There are plenty of DOOM weapons found throughout the game. These weapon range from classic ones such as Super Shotgun and Chaingun to newer ones like Gauss Cannon and Assault Rifle.

It is a good idea to learn more about each and every weapon available in the game so that you are able to tackle any situation you are thrown into.

In addition to this, there are weapon modifications which are acquired by finding Field Drones in the game’s singleplayer campaign. Each DOOM weapon can hold a total of 2 weapon mods at any given time.

The DOOM weapon mods can also be upgraded by killing enemies, completing challenges, and collecting items. Doing so will also allow you to increase Weapon Mastery for a particular weapon.

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DOOM Weapons Guide

Our DOOM weapons and weapon mods guide details everything that you need to know about weapons and weapon mods in the game:


Location: Kadingir Sanctum, Argent Facility – Destroyed

This weapon can pin down multiple enemies at the same time. It has a high rate of fire and deals insane amount of damage. However, do make sure to find some cover while you are spinning up the weapon.

Chaingun Mods

Gatling Rotator
This allows the spinning of barrels without firing the weapon that can be upgraded to penetrate through targets.

Gatling Rotator Upgrades

  • Improved Torque – Significantly increases the spin-up speed of the Gatling Rotator – 3
  • Uranium Coating – Bullets penetrate through targets – 6

Gatling Rotator Mastery Challenge
Get 5 kills in 5 seconds while using the Gatling Rotator to get Incendiary Rounds that increase total damage.

Mobile Turret
This allows transforming the weapon barrels in a mobile turret that halts after overheating.

Mobile Turret Upgrades

  • Rapid Deployment – Drastically decrease the transformation time for the Mobile Turret – 3
  • Uranium Coating – Bullets penetrate through targets – 6

Mobile Turret Mastery Challenge
Kill 4 or more demons during a single Mobile Turret deploy 5 times to get Ultimate Cooling.

Combat Shotgun

Location: The UAC

As expected from a shogun, this weapon is meant for close-quarter encounters and loses its effectiveness at long range. This is one weapon that should try and stick to throughout the campaign as it can also be pretty good at medium range.

Combat Shotgun Mods

Charged Burst
This allows charging up of three-round burst which when shot accurately increases the damage of the next burst.

Charged Burst Upgrades

  • Speedy Recovery – Reduces the recharge time between bursts – 1
  • Rapid Fire – Increases the fire rate of the burst – 3
  • Quick Load – Reduces the loading time for the Charged Burst – 5

Charged Burst Mastery Challenge
Kill 5 Mancubi with the Charged Burst to get Power Shot.

Explosive Shots
This allows charging of an arcing explosive shot.

Explosive Shots Upgrades

  • Speedy Recovery – Reduces the recharge time between explosive shots – 1
  • Bigger Boom – Increases the size of the explosion – 3
  • Instant Load – Removes the loading time for an explosive shot – 5

Explosive Shots Mastery Challenge
Get 20 direct hits on Imps to get Cluster Strike which spawns cluster bombs at a direct hit with explosives.

Gauss Cannon

Location: Argent Energy Tower, Kadingir Sanctum

Gauss Cannon is a powerful weapon that deals huge amount of damage. In addition to this, you will rarely run out of ammo when using this weapon – since there is plenty of it in the game. However, do note that you need to have pretty good accuracy in order to use this weapon effectively.

Gauss Cannon Mods

Precision Bolt
This allows to zoom in and charge a high damage dealing shot.

Precision Bolt Upgrades

  • Energy Efficient – Reduced time to max charge and reduced time between shots – 3
  • Light Weight – Move at full speed when zoomed in – 6

Precision Bolt Mastery Challenge
Kill 5 Hell Knights with a Precision Bolt headshot to get Volatile Discharge that causes Precision Bolt to explode.

Siege Mode
This allows charging of a powerful beam at the cost of movement.

Siege Mode Upgrades

  • Outer Beam – The beam now has a devastating area of effect around it – 3
  • Reduced Charge Time – Beam charge time is reduced – 6

Siege Mode Mastery Challenge
Kill 3 or more demons with a Siege Mode beam 10 times to get Mobile Siege that allows movement in Siege Mode.

Heavy Assault Rifle

Location: Resource Operations

An abundant supply of ammunition and insane accuracy at medium and long range make it ideal to stick to till the very end. Despite the fact that it is ideal for taking out fast moving targets, it goes without saying that this weapon is meant for single targets.

Heavy Assault Rifle Mods

Micro Missiles
This allows players to bring micro missiles to the battles.

Micro Missiles Upgrades

  • Ammo Efficient – Reduces the ammo cost of Micro Missiles – 1
  • Advanced Loader – Greatly improves reload time for Micro Missiles – 3
  • Quick Launcher – Instantly activate the Micro Missile rack when it’s ready to fire – 5

Micro Missiles Mastery Challenge
Stick 4 different demons in 5 seconds to get Bottomless Missiles which negates the need of reloading when firing missiles.

Tactical Scope
This allows players to zoom in distant targets.

Tactical Scope Upgrades

  • Uranium Coating – Bullets fired while zoomed will penetrate through targets – 1
  • Skull Cracker – Bullets fired while zoomed will deal additional headshot damage – 3
  • Light Weight – Move faster when zoomed in with the Tactical Scope – 5

Tactical Scope Mastery Challenge
Get 50 headshot kills while using the Tactical Scope to get Devastator Rounds which deal more damage when zoomed in.


Location: The UAC

This weapon is ideal for short range encounters and neither overheats nor gets accuracy decays. You need to have rapid trigger finger in order to get most out of this weapon. It also comes in handy when you are out of ammo in your primary weapon.

Pistol Mods

Charged Energy Shot
This shot can be charged and has the ability of penetrating through certain enemies.

Charged Energy Shot Upgrades

  • Charge Efficiency – Decreases the time it takes to power up a Charged Energy Shot – 1
  • Quick Recovery – Decreases the recovery time for the Pistol after using a Charged Energy Shot – 3
  • Light Weight – Move at full speed when using the Charged Energy Shot – 5

Charged Energy Shot Mastery Challenge
Get 15 headshot kills with the Charged Energy Shot to get Increased Power which increases the power of charged shot.

Plasma Rifle

Location: Resource Operations, Foundry

This weapon deals impact and thermal damage to enemies at high rate of fire. One of the best ways of using this weapon is to hit multiple enemies with stun bomb and then follow up with heat blast.

Plasma Rifle Mods

Heat Blast
This allows weapon to accumulate heat and let it out to deal huge amount of damage.

Heat Blast Upgrades

  • Super-Heated Rounds – Shots from the Plasma Rifle now build heat much faster – 1
  • Improved Venting – Significantly reduces the weapon’s recovery from a Heat Blast – 3
  • Expanded Threshold – Increases the amount of heat that can be contained, resulting in more potential damage – 5

Heat Blast Mastery Challenge
Kill multiple demons with a single Heat Blast 20 times to get Heated Core that generates heat without needing ammo.

Stun Bomb
It allows players to stun enemies within the area-of-effect. However, do note that it must be recharged before being used again.

Stun Bomb Upgrades

  • Quick Recharge – Stun Bomb recharges much faster. – 1
  • Big Shock – Increases the size of the Stun Bomb detonation – 3
  • Longer Stun – Demons hit by the Stun Bomb will stay stunned for a longer duration – 5

Stun Bomb Mastery Challenge
Kill 30 stunned demons to get Chain Stun that will erupt from dead enemies – affected by stun – and will affect nearby enemies.

Rocket Launcher

Location: Foundry, Argent Facility

This weapon has no direct competitor when it comes to area-of-effect damage and impact. Since the weapon has insane amount of damage, do note that it is not ideal for dealing with fast enemies and should only be used to against slow enemies.

Rocket Launcher Mods

Remote Detonation
This allows you to time your detonation which can clear out multiple enemies at the same time.

Remote Detonation Upgrades

  • Improved Warhead – Using Remote Detonation will generate a larger rocket explosion – 3
  • Jagged Shrapnel – Demons that are hit by a Remote Detonation will be pierced with additional shrapnel and continue to take damage for a short time – 6

Remote Detonation Mastery Challenge
Kill 3 or more demons with a single detonation 15 times to get External Payload which makes detonation without destroying the projectile.

Lock-on Burst
This allows players to lock onto a target and fire three projectiles at it which is very useful for certain types of enemies.

Lock-on Burst Upgrades

  • Quick Lock – Lock onto demons much faster – 3
  • Faster Recovery – The time before another lock can be acquired is reduced – 6

Lock-on Burst Mastery Challenge
Kill 5 Summoners using the Lock-on Burst to get Multi-Targeting which allows 3 targets at the same time.

Super Shotgun

Location: Argent Facility, Argent Energy Tower

As with the other shotgun, this weapon truly outshines others when it comes to close-quarter combat, but lacks when it comes to long-range combat. Due to amount of damage that it deals, this is something that you should always keep with you for last second escapes.

Super Shotgun Mods

As the name suggests, this mod simply makes better the weapon.

Improvements Upgrades

  • Faster Reload – Decreases the time to reload the next shot – 3
  • Uranium Coating – Shots penetrate through targets – 6

Improvements Mastery Challenge
Kill multiple demons with a Super Shotgun blast 30 times to get Double Trouble which allows you to fire twice the size of the clip before reloading.

This is all we have on our DOOM Weapons and Weapon Mods guide. If there is something else you would like to know, do make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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