Divinity Original Sin 2 Enchanter Class Guide

Divinity Original Sin 2 Enchanter Class Guide to help you learn all about playing as this Class, its best builds, Abilities, Attributes, and Talents.

Divinity Original Sin 2 features quite a few classes for players to choose from and Enchanter in one of them. This Divinity Original Sin 2 Enchanter class guide will help you with this class’ builds, skills and pretty much everything that players an advantage from.

The Enchanter is a hybrid character that can deal damage both with spells and the conventional weapons. Because of this reason, it can be extremely difficult to understand which path to go and new players can end up quite confused when trying to use this class.

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Divinity Original Sin 2 Enchanter Class

In this guide, we will discuss all the Enchanter best builds, attributes, skills and more so that players may take advantage from them in the battle against the evil.

Enchanter Class Attributes

Intelligence is buffed by +2 that allows you to go the support route if you want by reinforcing your spells.

The constitution is good if you want to be a fighter as it will provide you with additional HP.


Abilities and Talent

Hydrosophist Ability
The skills of this class are based on this element and the bonus provided is very useful, as it will allow you stay alive longer.

Aerotheurge Ability
This Ability gives you bonus magic penetration and will increase the damage of your spells and your regular attacks.

Loremaster Ability
This will provide you with additional knowledge about your enemies and their items that cannot possibly be detrimental, can it?

Far Out Man Talent
Increases the range of spells and the usage of scrolls.

Starting Abilities

Electric Discharge
Electric Discharge allows you to immobilize the opponent that can be perhaps the most important thing in a drawn-out fight. Try to use this at the perfect timing to yield the biggest possible reward from it.

Restoration is very important if you want to go the support route as it allows you to heal your teammates.

Hail Strike
Hail Strike not only deals damage to your opponents but also has negative effects on them. This can turn the tide of the fight if used properly.

Using this ability, you would be able to douse fire by spreading a water surface and set all the characters in the range as wet

Best Race for the Enchanter

Elf is perhaps the only class useless for it due to it being completely different from what you need for this character.

The Human and the Dwarf both work fine with the class although they are not perfect. Humans due to their higher initiative and the racial bonus to joking while the Dwarf due to his race Ability that works well if you go the support route.

The Lizard is once again the best possible race for this class. This is because of its high predisposition to classes based on intelligence. This allows you to have more effective spells so you can keep your team alive.

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