Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds Guide – Knight, Rogue, Battlemage, Ranger, Best Skills

Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds Guide to help you find the best builds for different classes along with gear recommendation, skills, and more.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is one of the best games on PS4 and Xbox One and is a deep and somewhat complicated RPG that takes a big chunk of your time to actually complete it. This is true for almost every aspect of the game including the Divinity Original Sin 2 builds and this Divinity Original Sin 2 builds will help you with all the classes, best character builds, cleric build, and more.

Finding the perfect builds in a MOBA or an MMO game can be an extremely difficult and frustrating task. This Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds Guide is not perfect – no build guide ever is – but it provides you an extremely competitive build for four of the main classes that you can use to get you started.

As you experiment with the game and learn the mechanics yourself, you will be able to further expand on these guides and use situational items as a way to adapt to the ever-changing meta of such games.

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Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds

In this Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds Guide, we have detailed some of the ways that you can use to build your character in the game and will cover all the classes and the best character builds that players can experiment with.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 Best Character Builds

Divinity Original Sin 2 gives a lot of options to players in regards to a specific class meaning if players have chosen a class they still have a lot of options regarding what kind of character they want to create and while you can experiment it yourself through try and testing, this Divinity Original Sin Builds guide will help you with the best builds the players can get for each class in the game.


Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds – The Black Knight

How to Play
People like to imagine Knights as brave men in shining white armor who come to the rescue of the fallen and weak. However, in this game, you are the villain. Knights are incredibly weak in earlier levels and its best to cheese your way to level 8 – to get OMA – after which things get a lot easier. Remember that fighting with the knight is straightforward and he is capable of hitting multiple enemies at once!

Dual Wielding weapons deal a lot more damage at the start but Two-Handed weapons scale as the game goes on. Decide your plan from the very beginning and choose the weapon to suit you. Perhaps the easiest way to describe Knights in this game is by calling it the ADC of Divinity. Remember that the following build is dedicated to Elf Race since you can get free skills without leveling up.

You need 15 Wits and 14 Memory at level 6, make sure to upgrade these skills first and then move forward and try to focus on STR. Try to level up STR just a little at the start so you can kill enemies and then get Wits and Memory to their appropriate levels. Also, remember to get Executioner and One Man Army at level 8 by saving a point on level 4.

This will allow you to stay stronger and keep a high AP count if you manage to land some tight Area damage on enemies. Remember to put a point in Sneak at the start so that you can survive earlier stages and then put points into Battering to get a larger profit from trading.

The Build
Get Adrenaline and First Aid as free items so that you have some healing skills. After this Battle Stomps, Battering Ram and Crippling Blow are good starting items that you can use because they can hit multiple targets and provide Crowd Control. Later on, you can add Whirlwind for AOE damage or Phoenix Dive to travel long distances. Close your build out with Enrage as it allows you crit massively and can turn around a fight.

Get Peace of Mind for PYRO, as it will give you a decent boost to stats. From the POLY skills, get the Heart of Steel that will regen your physical armor and then get Shackles of Pain from NECRO for that extra protection that it provides. AERO is also needed so that your glove slot is free for other better gloves. Teleportation is probably best as it allows you to pull enemies closer together. Lastly, remember to get the two-handed weapon skill if you picked 2-hand for your weapon and pick the Warfare for dual-wield.

Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds – Furtive Rogue

How to Play
The entire purpose of using the Rogue is to avoid enemies and try to sneak up on them. This build is glass cannon so if enemies spot you, it probably means that you are dead. The Rogue has a lot of AP so try to use it to assassinate targets.

For weapons, try to get Finesse and Critical Damage. Piercing is also really good for Rogue as it ignores armor. Moreover, since you are going to stay hidden, you do not need the armor of any sort and should go for Finesse and Scoundrel as the highest priority. Remember that the entire purpose of you playing Scoundrel is to avoid confrontation, think of it as Splinter Cell without the option of losing stealth. After this try to get Wits and Memory to have more skills for your enemies.

The race for this, like the Black Knight is the Elf, elf generally works best in solo runs. You need 12 Wits if you want to survive Fort Joy or 14 Wits if you are planning to take on the Big Bad Dallis. Try to get the appropriate amount of Wits along with 12 Memory and then put all points into Finesse afterward. For your talents, Backstabber is the default and you should add Glass Cannon at level 4. One Man Army might also work well during the full release of the game.

The Build
It is probably best if I tell you how sneak works first since your entire build is made around that. Move out of an enemy’s sight to Sneak. Remember that unique NPCs and Archers can track you in Sneak mode. Melee will not track in Sneak mode unless they were recently attacked and no one is able to track you if you are invisible.

Try to get Adrenaline and Levitate for free and then get Peace of Mind for the boost to stats. Next item on the list is the Chameleon Cloak that allows you to go invisible. As I stated before, the entire point of the build is for you to silently assassinate enemies so Spread Your Wings and Skin Graft is perfect for the remaining 2 slots. Apart from this, the Throwing Knife is a good-ranged attack that can trigger backstab talent.

Backlash is used for gap closing whereas Cloak and Dagger is a useful mobility skill that you can use to get into position without breaking your sneak ability. Lastly, you can use the Sawtooth Knife as a way of saying ‘Screw your armor’. Remember to use all of your spare points for the Scoundrel ability since you do not need the Warfare bonus due to you being effective against armored targets already.

Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds – Enchanting Mage

How to Play
With the Mage, you need to gain the high ground and bring down thunder upon your enemies. Install the word AREA OF EFFECT into your brain if you are planning to enchant your teammates and raise hell across the battlefield. Stay away from enemies and try to take them out from afar. Use the Dual Wand weapon for maximum damage per hit or use the Wand and Shield for extra protection.

The bonus option works best if you are using the Mage. Armors are not important at all since you already will have a shield so try to deal as much AOE as possible and buff it with gears. Remember to have your shield out as you deal massive amounts of damage with your spells. It is also worthwhile to point out that the Lizard race is also very viable for the Mage class along with the standard Elf.

You only need 12 Wits for the mage. Try to focus on Memory first and get it to 16. It is better to have a decent amount of slots so that you can use them situationally. After this dump, all of your remaining points into Intelligence as it will provide you with extra damage. For your talents, you should pick Mnemonic so that you have 3 extra ability slots for an amazing early game. Apart from this, you can pick up Elemental Affinity, One Man Army or Executioner depending on the situation that you are in.

The Build
A lot of example abilities are listed here; you should try to use them situationally. As you progress through the game, you will get a better understanding of what to build on each class.

Peace of Mind is extremely good for the boost that it provides in terms of stats. You could get Haste as a pre-buff before battle as well. Apart from this, the magical poison dart is a very useful GEO ability that you can use on burnt enemies to trigger an explosion and wreak havoc. Fossil Strike and Impalement can also be used in a combo on burnt targets. Slow is also effective, especially against melee targets.

Armor of Forest is a good AERO ability against melee enemies. If you need CC instead of AOE then you can also pick Electric Discharge to stun your foes or you can just get the tried and tested Teleportation to get enemies grouped together for your AOE abilities. Like the Sneaky Rogue, you should use Skin Graft, Spread Your Wings, Chameleon Cloak as escape mechanisms in case people manage to get close to you, and you need a quick way out.

Lastly, Executioner + Rage combo is good for dual wielding wands. Savage Sortilege is also a good alternative; all you need to do is to try and crit as much as possible so you can deal tons of damage.

Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds – Polytropic Ranger

How to Play
The main reason for playing the Ranger is the amount of versatility it offers. You have the choice of going the assassin route and dealing serious amounts of single target damage or you can go the other route and deal tons of AOE. You need to be effective at stealth and sniping with this class. Try to prioritize mages and then archers. Reposition yourself to run away from targets with melee attacks and try to generally stay away from the areas that bear the brunt of the skirmishes.

You can use either the Bows or the Crossbows; it does not really matter much. Crossbows are better at the late game as they have a high amount of critical damage though. As is with other high damage glass cannon builds, you do not need to build armor. Finesse is your highest priority followed by Wits and memory. As expected, the elf is the best race for this class.

If you want to survive Fort Joy, you need at least 12 Wits. After this, spend all of your points on Finesse for the maximum amount of damage. Glass Cannon is the talent that you should use. In full release, One Man Army may work better. Lastly, GET THE SNEAK ABILITY.

The Build
You already know how sneak works, so I will not waste time telling you again. Just remember to use it as an integral part of your kit as you play the Ranger. Use Adrenaline as your free ability and then get Cloak as the first POLY ability. It is very important if you want to sneak past enemies. Skin Graft is a good ability at level 4 and you can also use Spread Your Wings in certain cases.

Remember to get Marksman Fang and Ricochet for the Huntsman. They are good for multiple targets. However, once you get the sniping skill then remove them to free up slots for other skills. After this, it is best to get Rage as you can combo it with your Sniper for extra single target damage. Alternatively, you can use the Mark to stop enemies dodging your attacks.

For Scoundrel, get the Cloak and Dagger, for reasons that should be fairly obvious by now. It allows you to flee the scene of the crime and get away with your life. You can also level up PYRO and get Peace of Mind at Level 6 for the decent boost in stats. That is about all, you can switch between all of the aforementioned loadouts depending on the situation. Use the Snipe + Cloak for Burst damage or use the Ricochet + Marksman’s Fang for taking out multiple threats.

That is about all we have for our Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds Guide with tips on the best character builds and more. If we missed something important then let us know using the comments section below!

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