Disney Dreamlight Valley: Ursula Missing, Not On The Map Fix

Ursula, the villain from the Little Mermaid story, has a lot of quests for you to complete in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

You not only need to help free her from her prison but also increase your friendship level with her for various benefits. You will also be building her a house back in the valley.

However, all of that might prove difficult because Ursula can become bugged for some players in the game. You will not be able to find her anywhere on the map.

If Ursula is missing in your game, read on to find out how to fix that bug.

Where to find Ursula How to fix Ursula-is-missing bug

Ursula will ask for your help to build her a house by the water after being freed. If you have already completed the Mystical Cave quests to free her, Ursula should be there.

If she is missing, you are facing a notorious bug in the game. To fix the bug, you can start by restarting your game. If that does not work, the solutions below might help.

Ursula sometimes wanders off into areas where she should not be. Make sure to use your map to scour every end of Dazzle Beach, especially the ponds and sea.

Ursula can tend to move to the middle of the sea. If you see her out in the sea on your map, head over to the beach, or the closest shore point. Ursula will see you and start swimming towards you.

Another potential fix (or workaround) is to start fishing at different ponds in the Peaceful Meadows. This is because when you start fishing, there is a chance that other characters will join you. Here, a missing Ursula just might appear while you are fishing.

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