How To Restore Sunstone In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley features a number of famous (and memorable) characters from the Disney universe. You will encounter many of them during your adventures, but there are also some of them who you can unlock to be residents in your valley.

For this purpose, you will have to complete several quests and tasks for each character. The following guide will tell you how to find all of the Sunstone Fragments to unlock Mother Gothel from Tangled in the game.

Sunstone Fragment locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley

When looking at all of the characters you can unlock for your valley, Mother Gothel is perhaps one of the few with a tricky questline.

You need to find all three Sunstone Fragments to complete the Sunstone Fragments quest and unlock Mother Gothel. The only problem is that the fragments can only be found at a certain time of the day.

Finding all of the Sunstone Fragments is the final part of Mother Gothel’s questline. To start the Sunstone quest, you need to talk to Mother Gothel. She will then ask you to find and collect all three Sunstone Fragments.

There is no need to guess the time each fragment will become available. Below is the exact time and place you need to be for all three fragments.


Sunlit Plateau Fragment

Get to the Sunlight Plateau to get the first Sunstone Fragment. It can be found in the morning (before noon) along the coast river located in the southern part of the biome.

Sunlit Plateau Fragment Location

Glade of Trust Fragment

Go to the northwest corner of the Glade of Trust to get the second Sunstone Fragment. The time to collect the Sunstone is between noon and 5 p.m.

Glade of Trust Fragment Location

Forest of Valor Fragment

The final Sunstone is located in the Forest of Valor. You need to search the forest at night and before the clock strikes 5 a.m. in-game time. The area in front of Anna and Kristoff’s house is important to be searched.

Forest of Valor Fragment Location

What happens after the Sunstone Fragments are gathered?

After collecting all the Sunstone Fragments, go over to Mother Gothel and hand the fragments over to her. This will complete the quest.

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