Disney Dreamlight Valley: Maui Basket Location

During one part of Disney Dreamlight Valley, you'll have to find a basket's location for Maui in a quest called "A Tale of Stone and Fire".

During one part of Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll have to complete a mission called “A Tale of Stone and Fire” for Maui to raise your friendship level with him. During this quest, you’ll be able to gather the Basket for Maui as well. Follow this guide to know its whereabouts.

A Tale of Stone and Fire

Disney Dreamlight Valley offers players the chance to interact with a cast of unique characters. All these characters are already famous among the masses due to their spin-offs in movies/TV shows.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley you can invite them to the valley you’ve constructed and interact with them in a certain way that increases your friendship level. One such character is Maui.

When you’ll achieve Friendship level 4 with Maui, invite him to your valley. Here, Maui will assign you a series of tasks under the quest named “A Tale of Stone and Fire”. Remember, to unlock this quest, you will have to invite Moana first to your valley.

This quest involves many tasks, and one of them will be collecting a basket for Maui and will revolve around collecting items on your way to Maui.

Basket location

Players usually miss the exact location of this basket. It is because, for getting to the Moana’s Realm you have to travel by ship that belongs to Maui, and so this basket is present on the same ship. However, this basket very much blends with the items on one side of the ship.

This makes it hard to spot as it seems like an item of decor. Check thoroughly and you might have a glimpse of the basket. Once found collect it and get it back to Maui, once you’ve collected all other items as well.

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