How To Design And Change Clothes In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Allow us to explain how to alter your clothes and change to new outfits in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

What Life-Sim would be complete without allowing you to dress up your characters however you want them? Keeping that idea in mind, Disney Dreamlight Valley presents players with very extensive customization options for clothes.

If you are unsure of how to design your own clothes in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you have come to the right place. Allow us to explain how to alter your wardrobe and change to new outfits in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to design clothing in Disney Dreamlight valley?

To start designing clothes, you need to head to the Wardrobe menu. Simply open up your inventory and then click on the wardrobe icon. From there, select the ‘create’ button which will present you with a number of options to customize outfits.

Secondly, you will have to select a piece of cloth you wish to customize, and then you will be taken to the customization menu. From there, your imagination is the limit. Players have 50 layers to play around with to alter their outfits, add patterns and more.

Utilizing different shapes and objects you can match and even mix different patterns. This will allow your skills to shine. Doesn’t matter if it’s size, rotation, shape, or even color, you change all of these.

If you don’t like the options available, you can progress in the game and help out your villagers. The more you help them out, especially Scrooge McDuck, the more clothing options will become available to you.


How do you unlock clothes in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

There are multiple ways of unlocking and getting new clothes in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The primary way to get clothes is from Scrooge McDuck’s store.

The other way is to open chests. You have a chance of getting cloth bags, further divided into either pink or blue and the blue ones can give you new outfits.

Completing quests can increase your friendship level with whoever gave you that quest and the rewards you get can sometimes include different outfits.

Finally, events can also get you to unlock new clothes, new events happen all the time in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to change/choose your clothing items?

Changing clothing items and costumes in Disney Dreamlight Valley might be the easiest thing in the gaming universe. To change outfits, one has to follow these simple steps:

First of all, you will have to go to your wardrobe section and choose the outfit or element you wish to change.

There will be a collection of different clothing you have acquired so far. Using that collection of different clothes, you can select that category and choose as per your desire either mixing or matching.

It is not necessary to switch the whole costume in Dreamlight Valley. If you wish just to change individual clothing items like your glasses or pant or hood or whatever you want, you can also do that by simply following the steps mentioned earlier.

Disney Dreamlight Valley clothing list

Red Backpack
Location: You’ll find the red backpack in a storage box inside the house

Black Polo Shirt
Location: The black polo shirt, too, can be found in a storage box in the house

Plain Turquoise T-Shirt
Location: Head to the back of the house and you’ll see a green chest. Inside it you’ll find the t-shirt.

Comfy Black Hoodie
Location: The comfy black hoodie is in a hole that is right behind Chez Remy. You can access it by mining the stones that are near the plaza or you can simply head over to the hole from the other side.

Yellow Mickey High-Tops
Location: The yellow mickey high-tops are in a green chest, which you’ll see next to a tree.

Black Pleated Skirt
Location: This is in a rock in Pleated Meadow. You will have to mine to get here.

Grey Round Wireframe Glasses
Location: Head to Merlin’s Study in Pleated Meadow. You will find the glasses in a chest in the corner.

Red Skinny Jeans
Location: In a chest, in the corner of the courtyard with the Pillar of Friendship in Pleated Meadow

Red Performance Sneakers
Location: You’ll see a chest next to some bushes in Pleated Meadow, in which you’ll find the red performance sneakers.

Red Athletic Sunglasses
Location: Head over to Goofy’s house in Peaceful Meadow. There will be a chest in the corner with the sunglasses in it.

Pale Green Fishing Hat
Location: You’ll receive the pale green fishing hat from Goofy once you have advanced the fishing expedition.

Gold Square Pendant Necklace
Location: This is behind a staircase, inside a chest, in Scrooge McDuck’s store.

Classic Gold Hoops
Location: This, too, is in the chest behind the staircase in Scrooge McDuck’s store.

Loose Blue Button-Up Shirt
Location: This is behind a staircase, inside a chest, in Scrooge McDuck’s store.

Icy Blue Sweetheart Strapless Gown
Location: This is behind a staircase, inside a chest, in Scrooge McDuck’s store.

Black Minnie Backpack
Location: Black Minnie backpack can be found in mickeys house in a chest next to the wall.

Red Mickey Ears Headband
Location: The headband is in a chest in mickeys house. You’ll find the chest next to the couch.

White House of Dreams Shirt
Location: In the Castle of Dreams; in a chest, near the staircase in Dreamlight Valley

Classy Purple Dress Shoes
Location: Head to the Castle of Dreams and on the staircase you’ll see a chest with the classy purple dress shoes inside.

Orange Retro Mickey Mouse Shirt
Location: These are in a chest the Castle of Dreams. You’ll find the chest next to a golden statue on the top floor in Dreamlight Valley

Black Slacks
Location: In Ratatouille, head to the kitchen and you’ll see a chest in the corner with the black slacks in Dreamlight Valley

Greyish White Evening Gloves
Location: Head to Remy’s Restaurant. The gloves are inaide a chest that is next to the kitchen

Black Varsity Jacket
Location: Head to Remy’s House. You’ll find the jacket in a chest, next to a wall in the room in Dreamlight Valley

Blue Beach Shorts
Location: In Moana, head to the top of the hill. There will be a chest there with the blue beach shorts inside.

Tan Chino Shorts
Location: These are inside a chest on Dazzle Beach, on the beach itself

Dark Green Pixel Camo Pants
Location: Head to Goofy’s Stall on Dazzle Beach. On the back of the stall there’s a chest in which are the pants.

Orange “Heart of Te Fiti” Shirt
Location: You’ll find these in a chest in Moana’s House in Dreamlight Valley

Brown Moccasins
Location: Head to Forest of Valor and find the chest behind Anna’s House

Cozy Blue Green Sweater
Location: Head Anna’s House and go to the library. There will be a chest with the sweater inside.

Black and Red Long-Sleeved Dress
Location: You’ll find this inside a chest in the Cursed Cave, which is on Dazzle Beach

Black and Yellow Sporty Shorts
Location: Head to Donald Duck’s Boat on Dazzle Beach and find the chest that is in the corner

Pink Knitted Winter Gloves
Location: Head to Frosted Heights and go to Goofy’s Stall. Behind it, there’s a chest with the gloves inside.

Red Winter Hat
Location: You’ll find this inside a chest, next to the river in Frosted Heights

Purple Minnie Ears Headband
Location: Head to Minnie’s House and look for the chest that is next to the wall in Dreamlight Valley

Classic Aviator Goggles
Location: Look inside the fridge in Wall-E’s Realm in Dreamlight Valley

Brown Safety Gloves
Location: Head to Wall-E’s House and you’ll see a chest next to the wall in Dreamlight valley

Fireproof Gloves
Location: The fireproof gloves will be given to you by Anna when doing the The Spirits of Nature in Dreamlight Valley

Brown Dress Pants
Location: Head to the Forest of Valor and you’ll see a chest with the pants. This chest is next to the cliff

Pink “Giddyup” Shirt
Location: In the Ice Cavern, near the entrance in Forest of Valor there is a chest with the shirt inside.

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