Disney Dreamlight Valley Chest Types Explained

There are four different types of chests in Disney Dreamlight Valley to find and open. You can distinguish them from their colors: blue, yellow, green, and red.

Naturally, you might be wondering how the colored chests differ from each other. Since each chest gives you various rewards such as Star Coins, outfits, and such, you need to know which chest will give you exactly what in the game.

That way, if you are looking for something particular, you can keep a sharp eye out for a specific colored chest.

The following guide will explain all of the chests in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

What each chest type contains in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Blue Chest

Roaming around the valley, you might have seen the blue chest. Know that you must be connected to the internet to open this one as it’s tied to an in-game event.

The blue chest rewards you with currency, which you can utilize to win prizes in the game. Do keep a check on the ongoing event, as you will receive prizes according to it.

Yellow Chest

Who doesn’t love money? Get your hands on the yellow chest to get money to spend for your luxuries in Disney Dreamland Valley. You can find the yellow chests hidden in the mushrooms, tree stumps, or maybe on some island.

Green & Red Chests

The green and red chests are easy to find while roaming the island. You can receive these chests as daily rewards, by opening them you can get money or clothes sometimes.

As you walk around the valley, keep a close eye on these yellow/red boxes. It’s common to miss them as you go by the Dream Castle, so remain vigilant. You can also find these chests hidden in the houses of your game friends, so look for them next time you visit your friends.

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