Dishonored Mission 7 Flooded District Low Chaos Guide

Complete walkthrough to Dishonored Mission 7 Flooded District without killing and alerting anyone for low chaos and clean hands

At the end of Return to the Tower mission, you are betrayed by the Loyalists. They poisoned you and if it wasn’t for Samuel, you would have most likely been dead. Dishonored Mission 7 Flooded District is about taking revenge but for low chaos and clean hands achievement, you must not kill anyone.

Dishonored Mission 7 Flooded District

This is one of the lengthy missions of Dishonored and if you want to keep low chaos and clean hands then this guide will help you out a lot. Keep reading to find out how.

Starting out

Sam saves you and leaves you adrift in the Flooded District, helpless but still alive. A group of assassins find you and take you to their leader, “Daud.”

After a brief conversation with Daud in which he confesses assassinating the Queen and tells that he knows about the “Outsider,” you are knocked unconscious again.

You will wake up in the void, and this is where you will assume control over Corvo for the first time on this mission. Walk forward a bit and you will be greeted by the “Outsider” himself. After a brief cut scene with him, you will wake in a cell. In your cell, possess one of the two rats.

You will a choice to either go up and take out two assassins and then blink down away using the balcony or you can go downstairs and swim through the small hole in the wooden board by possessing a fish and exit.

IF you use the fish method then you will have to go up and then left making use of the slanted planks. Then climb the chain and when you get to the top blink up to the roof and go through all the rooftops until you get directly on top of where you need to be.

Drop to the lower roof from the side and use the window to get inside and get the Bone Charm (1st of 8).

Get back up and spot the open balcony opposite to when you look over the area with the main river. To get to the balcony you have to use blink 2 using the vent running across the wall. There is a weeper there, wait for him to retreat and choke him when you get the chance.

You will find a painting which can be used for Sokolov Portrait (1st of 3) in the corner there. After getting it, go back to the top of the chain.

We are facing another choice here, whether to get Corvo’s gear or go where Daud is. It is recommended that you get the gear as it would be more efficient and helpful.

Getting the Gear

Use the chain to climb up and get to the building opposite to Daud’s marker using blink. Use the opening to get inside and there you will notice several bodies along with ammo and grenades that you should loot. You will see a door with the marker that says Corvo’s gear is here.

Enter that door to get your gear. Blink up on to the gate and turn left then blink up again twice on top of the silo and after that to the angled roof.

There is another roof on the far side that is of the same height approximately. There will be stairs and three oil pumps on the left of this building. Blink towards that and find an empty tank near the stairs that you need to fill up from the dispenser.

Use the stairs to get to the room on top. In order to raise the stairs on the opposite building you would need to put the whale oil tank inside the receptacle there and then pull the lever. You will find a bone charm (2nd of 8) after you take the stairs and get to the odd angle in the walkway and go down the gap there.

Use the chain around the corner to climb up and continue forward by jumping off when you get to the top. Go towards the left corner when you drop down using the pipe.

Two assassins will be talking about you above but they will go from there after a while and you can blink up there and then go left inside the building. If you go upstairs and turn right then you will come up to a whole line of oil dispensers and in the end there is a door that has an opening above it that has been boarded up.

There are crates nearby, jump onto them and break the boards down to get the tank from in there and then get back to the dispenser to fill it up. Put that in the receptacle and pull on the lever two times.

The drawbridge will be lowered and you would be able to use the chain to go down. There will be two weepers on the catwalks and maybe one or more patrolling the ground floor near your gear. Knock them out by sneaking up to them and get your gear back.

There is a roller door there that will be opened by turning the valve that is up the stairs there. There is a Rune (1st of 5) down there which you can get by blinking down and then you have the choice to either ignore the river krusts by blinking past them or you can destroy them. Then you have to go back to the entrance of the area by backtracking.

Now we will discuss how to deal with Rudshore Waterfront.


When you get in the building use the stairs at the left to go up and then open the door using the crank. An assassin will appear on the roof and you have to hit him with a sleep bolt when he comes down. He will have the key to central Rushore on him. Be stealthy and vigilant of the other assassins.

Cross the bridge and get on top of the roof in the front there and be careful of the assasins patrolling the area from now on to avoid being spotted. You have to get to the door at the far end and you need to take out all the assassins here in order to get there.

Moving on to central Rushore.


There is a small open cart near the entrance that has ammo and a pistol along with a blueprint in it. Get into the water on the right and swim to the far side of the water and find two wolfhounds that you have to hit with a sleep bolt. In the end of this very alley you will find a bone charm (3rd of 8) in an overturned cart.

We need to go to the building to the left that overlooks the alley we are in. Use the raised sign near the stairs and blink to the light and then to the wooden platform. There would a ghetto wooden bridge there that you can use to get to the window on the other side.

Look out for assassins and blink to the window and enter Daud’s base. Go straight once you get in and hide behind the furniture. When the guards there have separated, take them out and keep in mind that there was a door on the left of the window which is our escape route. Pick up anything you find in the room that would help.

Go to the other room and take out the guards there or you can get on top of the bookcase and then go right and out of the room and to the courtyard. When you get there you will see an assassin talk to Daud. Daud is our next target.

Now we have a choice here again, either to take the lethal or non-lethal route.

  1. The lethal route is to just get in and take him out. He will call reinforcements, so a better option would be to just assassinate him.
  2. The non-graphic approach would be to pick his pocket and leave a message there.

The first choice is straightforward but the second one needs explaining. Here’s how you will go about doing that. When you open the door to Daud’s room, get on top of the bookcase.

Use sleep bolt on the guard then slow time and get behind Daud and pick his pocket and get a bone charm (4th of 8) along with a little money. There is a key on the table, get that as well and before time goes back to normal, blink onto the bookcase and then out of there.

There are 2 blueprints (Folded Galvani Resin and Bonded Galvani Weave) in this building inside chests that would be opened using the key you picked up.

Remember the door by the window that was our escape route? Get back there and go down using the chain and in the middle of going down there will be a half busted floor and on the back wall a painting will be visible.

Blink over there and get the Sokolov Portrait (2nd of 3) and then go back down and when you get down you will find a Rune (2nd of 5). In order to proceed open the locked gate and go forward.

When you finish going through the tunnel, turn right as there is a Bone Charm (5th of 8) here and to get it blink towards the stone debris.  Turn back and then from the wreckage turn left. The next portion is optional and will only appear if you didn’t get the blueprint in mission 5 – Lady Boyle’s Last Party.

The Optional Part (for Blueprint Spiky Grenade Casing)

There will be train coming that drops bodies and leaves and besides the train tracks there are several metal grinders in a pit, go across this. There is a building to the right that has non-antagonistic thugs outside it. There is a blueprint to inside this building under the collapsed hallway.

The door to the storeroom nearby will open from the key you pickpocket from the thug present upstairs. GO back across the pit and get inside the first building and the planks will help you climb on to the next building and from the window you can blink up and go inside.

There a lady will give you hints about your further actions and then you need to go back to the window and blink towards the next building.

You can exit through the window on the left side upstairs in the main room. GO to the rooftop by blinking and then to the next rooftop and then blink to the next higher roof.  There is a Rune (3rd of 5) on this roof, after picking it up, go towards the metal railing.

Blink over to the metal support structure over the train tracks on your left. When the train is dumping bodies, get on it to travel to the next area.

When it has arrived there is a balcony on your left that you need to get to. Disable the light by pulling out the whale oil canister.

Go over the first wall and then on the ground then turn right to the exit door. Enter the next zone through the door at the end of this alleyway. The wall of light will be disabled by removing the whale oil tank and then you can go forward.

The Sewer

There is an open building around the corner on the left. Get in and up the stairs and inside the next room there is a Bone charm (6th of 8) under the debris. Get it and then go up the debris and get out the window.

There is a door to your left go through it and drop down and then open the hatch there by rotating the crank and get into the sewers. Get to the cistern by following this path.

Now if you have done any of the optional tasks for Granny Rags and Slackjaw then at the end of this path the gate would be locked. Then you have to do what we say in the next portion.

The Master Key

When you have gotten to the cistern, talk to the thug there after walking along the ledge on the right. He will guide you to the location of the sewer master key. There is an opening above some pipes, blink to it and turn left into the tunnel and get to the main room and kill the two river krusts there. Then drop down and bash the boards at the end.

There is a ledge on the right, blink up to it and go out the door. Take out the three krusts and then go down the stairs and into the room on your left. There is a safe here with hints to open it.

Note down the three months written on it. There is a book behind this note that has number corresponding to all the month names. Use that combination (5-2-8) and get the Bone Charm (7th of 8).

Get out of the room and go back down into the cistern and keep going until you get to the water then dive underwater and go into the tunnel and at the end of the tunnel, surface and then go up the stairs and through the gate. There you will see Slackjaw and Granny Rags talking in the main room.

There is a painting above the bed, grab it for Sokolov Portrait (3 of 3). You have four choices here but the one we recommend is to kill Slackjaw and help Granny Rags. Granny will give you the key and you will put Slackjaw in the boiling sludge and then talk to Granny once more. There is a Rune (4th of 5) in the Outsider shrine nearby.

Now go up and use the key to get through the door on the left of the furnace. The desk here has some loot and after cleaning the desk, look for wooden planks nearby. Break them and get inside the hole you made and you will get to room that has a wounded bandit in it.

Open the locked door to the side of the cistern by blinking to it. Go through and take the stairs down and you will get to a bunch of survivors. In the lower are there is a Rune (5 of 5), get it and climb up and go right.

Take the stairs and on this path there would be a dead end, from there go into the hole that is in the wall by destrying the board there and follow this path which will take you to the next room.

You will have to over towards the three krusts then inside the small drain there you will find the last Bone Charm. The exit is on the opposite side behind some boards. Enter this door at the end of the passage and finish the mission.

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