Dishonored Clean Hands, Ghost and Faceless Guide – No Kill and Stealth Tips

How to avoid alerting anyone and complete one mission or all Dishonored missions without killing anyone one.

To complete Dishonored without killing anyone is in itself a challenge but I am sure a lot among you will take that challenge and attempt to beat the game without killing anyone.

If you intend to take that route to completing the game, make sure you have following tips in mind. For more help on Dishonored, read our Runes, Bone Charms and Sokolov Paintings Guide.

Clean Hands, Ghost and Faceless
1# Best way to unlock this achievement is to make use of your Save History. Save more and reload if you make any mistake or when you get spotted.

2# Make sure you purchase Combat Sleep Dart.

3# To unlock clean hands achievement or trophy, you don’t necessarily have to stay in the shadows. From time to time, you can take down enemies by knocking them out. Just make sure you don’t through them in water because they can die.

4# To make sure you don’t get spotted (Ghost and Faceless), you can kill enemies with the help of your lethal crossbow, but that will disqualify you from clean hands. This means, you might end up playing the game twice to unlock these three achievements.

5# In Flooded District mission, you will need to make a mandatory decision between two NPCs, one choice will make you a killer but it won’t alert anyone. Second choice will most definitely put you in danger but won’t brand you as a killer. You can avoid killing her and then bet on your timing to execute bend time to evade your enemies, but you will need a little bit of luck for that to be successful.

Clean Hands Walkthrough Tips
To make sure you don’t kill anyone, here are few things you should remember:

1# During Overseer Campbell mission, either let him poison the captain and then choke him out or do it after following them into basement.

2# During Mission 2, complete all Slackjaw side missions and he will take care of Pendelton twins for you provided you get the code to Art Dealer’s safe. (Check our Safe Combinations for that).

3# During Mission 5, search the second floor for clues as to which Boyle you need to capture. After doing that, head down stairs and look for a man with a scarecrow mask. He will most probably be wandering around the first floor.

Talk to him and he will turn out to be the lover of Lady Boye. He will ask you to help him kidnap his love. After that, your objective is to figure out to get Lady Boyle into the kitchen so that you can knock her out and kidnap her.

4# During Mission 6, head up to the broadcast tower and talk to the broadcaster, he will tell you about some secret tapes hidden in the Lord Regent’s safe (995). Steal these tapes and broadcast them over the air to dismantle Lord Regent’s government. This will also unlock political suicide achievement.

5# During Mission 7, pickpocket Daud’s pouch as you go for his key.

6# During Mission 7, when you meet with Slackjaw and Granny at the end of the mission, pickpocket the key from Granny and run. If you put her to sleep, it might count as a kill. Your best bet is to pickpocket her and run!

Don’t forget to share your insight in the comments below. It will help a lot of people trying to unlock these achievements, especially if I have missed something that is important in the context.

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