Dishonored 2 Low Chaos Stealth Walkthrough Tips and Strategy

Dishonored 2 Low Chaos Stealth Walkthrough - The following guide will discuss tips and strategy for low chaos stealth gameplay.

Dishonored 2 comes packed with an intense storyline and two playable characters – Emily and Corvo. Once again, stealth is at the heart of Dishonored 2 along with plenty of hidden secrets, puzzles, challenges and more.

There three ways to experience Dishonored 2; you can go full combat and kill everything inside. You can also choose to use stealth and sneak your way throughout the game. Last but not the least, you can mix it up depending on the mission type and area. The following guide will discuss tips and strategy for low chaos stealth gameplay.

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Dishonored 2 Low Chaos Stealth Walkthrough Tips

Be Patient and Sneak Everywhere

Being a stealth player means getting very use to sneaking around the map. This is something you need to do constantly in order to complete the game using stealth. Make sure no one is around when you choose to run, that even goes to walking normally in some cases.  Completing Dishonored 2 using stealth means extremely patient with your actions. The moment you choose to run around wildly from place to place, that’s when you are entering the combat phase.

You need to settle into this slower, methodical style of play. Guards are the only problem, you also need to be careful around civilians as they may report you.

Scout the Area

Approaching any situation is different for stealth players compared to combat. You don’t go barging-in and kill everything, what you need to do is plan and scout the area before you enter an unknown section. Before entering a new area, it is best to scout the area from a distant or from hiding.

Before entering a room, figure out who is inside, how many enemies are inside, and how they move. If you are going pass through an area, study enemy patterns before you attempt to move.

Use Blin and Far Reach to move around from ledge to ledge. Keep in mind that looting and taking out enemies takes time and someone may spot you. Also, the bodies you leave behind can be spotted by others if not handled properly.

It is best to only take out enemies that are isolated from others. You can use Sleep Darts to great effect while stealth play throughs. You can also use your sword to hit objects to create noise that will lure enemies in for an easy take down. 

Dropping unconscious bodies near Bloodflies or Rats still counts as murder if they attack the enemy you threw. Sneaking into someone’s line of sight and can also attract their attention but it is a risky move to be careful while doing this.

Choose the Right Path

Enemies is Dishonored 2 mostly roam around or petrol main entrances and avenues. They don’t spent much time on rooftops and abandoned buildings etc. You should look for a different path and explore the map for alternative ways. Go above and around the enemies to avoid detection.

Before exploring, it is best to save your game before you look for alternative paths so can stop worrying about being spotted or killing enemies. Use Blink, Far Reach, and Agility jump to vertically explore the map. From higher points, you can observe the map and study petrol routes as well can find alternative paths.

Combine Blink and Far Reach with your Dark Vision ability to see enemies through walls. If you have alerted an enemy, it is best to keep track of him as long as you are in the same area. Even if the enemy has returned to its position, it will be more careful and cautious.

Hide Your Deeds

Hiding bodies is crucial to your stealth gameplay it should be a top priority to hide them. Use Blink and Far Reach to leave bodies on rooftops and other locations that are inaccessible to the enemy.

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