Dishonored 2 Blueprints Locations Guide To Get Powerful Weapons

There are a handful of Dishonored 2 Blueprints spread throughout the game you can use for upgrades. Dishonored 2 Blueprints Locations are....

Dishonored 2 comes packed with an intense storyline and two playable characters – Emily and Corvo. Once again, stealth is at the heart of Dishonored 2 along with plenty of hidden secrets, puzzles, challenges and more.

Among other things, there are a handful of Blueprints spread throughout the game that can be used for upgrades. You need to grab as many Blueprints a possible in order to get the best weapons in Dishonored 2. You can not use your Heart to reveal Blueprint locations so the following guide will help you grab all Dishonored 2 blueprints.

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Dishonored 2 Blueprints Locations

A Long Day in Dunwell

There are no Blueprints in this mission so do not waste time exploring for them.

Edge of the World

Blueprint #1 – Inside the Overseer building, head to the Fire Hardening Treatment wing on the top floors. The blueprint is on a desk in the Fire Hardening Treatment wing.

The Good Doctor

Blueprint #2 – You need to reach the place of Wall of Light power by Blink or Far Reach. Reach the abandoned wing where a murdered body is near a locked safe. Combination is inside the same room, unlock the safe to find another Blueprint for Combat Sleep Dart Formula.

Blueprint #3 – Enter Hamilton’s quarters to find the blueprint for Mercury Vapor Distillation.

Blueprint #4 – Go to Dr. Hypatia to find the blueprint next to her. Go outside the main operating room to look for it in the small corridor on the lower floor. This one is for Dispersed Incendiary Release.

The Clockwork Mansion

Blueprint #5 – Go to the carriage station and enter the ticket booth to find the blueprint for Pyro-Sonic Casing. Key to the station is available at the black market.

Blueprint #6 – This blueprint is in a guard building in the Upper Aventa District. It is inside a locked room to the left of the top section of the stairs. The blueprint is for Alloy Polarization.

Blueprint #7 – This blueprint is for Slug Splintering Wedges and can be found inside Jindosh’s laboratory near a painting.

The Royal Conservatory

Blueprint#8 – Inside a building near the Conservatory, this one is for Reverberation Tubing.

Blueprint #9 – The blueprint for Triggered Housing is on the first floor of the Conservatory. Look inside the room near some Whale Oil Tanks.

Blueprint #10 – Complete a Sidequest for the Black Marchant.

The Dust District

Blueprint #11 – At the start of the mission, go to the building on the left near the Wall of Light and climb to the roof. Look near the lower part of the workbench for Conductive Filaments Blueprint.

Blueprint #12 – Go to Crone’s Hand Saloon and enter the unlocked apartment on the second floor for Spiked Grenade Housing blueprint.

Blueprint #13 – Head to the basement of Crone’s Hand Saloon for Secondary Coiling blueprint.

The Grand Palace

Blueprint #14 – Enter the last apartment building before the Wall of Light. The blueprint is on the third floor but you will need a key to enter the apartment. Find the key inside Winslow Safe Company Store near the cash register.

Blueprint #15 – Go to the Palace District and within the pantry, locate a secret button along the wall to open Duke’s Hidden Vault. Folded Galvani Resin blueprint is inside.

Blueprint #16 – Go to the third floor of the palace and enter the office suite to the left from the stairs. The blueprint for Blade Conversion is inside.

Death to the Empress

Blueprint #17 – Go to Galvani’s apartment on the ground floor near Dunwall Tower’s entrance. The blueprint for Counter-Blast Inversion is inside.

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