Dishonored 2 Safe Combinations, Codes To Unlock and Safe Locations Guide

Dishonored 2 Safe Combinations and locations are hard to find but the following guide will help you grab all the safe contents.

The next installment in Bethesda’s popular Dishonored franchise is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Dishonored 2 comes packed with an intense storyline and two playable characters – Emily and Corvo. Once again, stealth is at the heart of Dishonored 2 along with plenty of hidden secrets, puzzles, challenges and more.

Among different aspects of Dishonored 2, there are safes that players can find and unlock throughout the game. There are safes hidden on most levels/missions and we recommend finding and unlocking them all. They contain valuable items which help you get 100% completion, weapons, artifacts and more.

There are two things that you need to keep in mind while looking for Dishonored 2 Safe Combinations and Safe Locations. First, any combination you come across in the game world or map, for instance, behind a painting or written on a wall will always be the same. Meanwhile, combinations you find in text form such as on documents are randomized.

Dishonored 2 Safe Combinations and Safe Locations

A Long Day in Dunwell

Doctor Galvani’Safe
Location: It is the death anniversary of Empress Jessamine Kaldwin, assassinated 15 years ago.  Folks from far away have traveled to Dunwall Tower for the occasion. After you leave the Dunwell Tower, enter the building to the left and head to Dr. Galvani’s laboratory.

Safe Combination: 451

The combination is in the lab on a painting of Lady Boyle.

Edge of the World

Overseer Building Safe
Location: You are looking for the Crown Killer and your hunt has brought you to Addermire Institute. On the third floor of the Overseer Building you will find the safe.

Safe Combination: Random

The combination is hidden within the Seven Scriptures. In the adjoining room, you will come across two Overseers working on a music box. You need to locate a note that asks you to remember three scriptures in particular. Now, cross reference this with the seven scriptures near the safe.

Winslow Safe Company Safe
Location: Toward the end of the missions head down the street from Addermire Station, in the Winslow Safe Company.  This safe comes with a challenge for all to unlock it.

Safe Combination: Random

The combination can be found on a note near the front desk cash register.

The Good Doctor

Addermire Institute Lobby
Location: You need to reach the place of Wall of Light power by Blink or Far Reach. Reach the abandoned wing where a murdered body is near a locked safe.

Safe Combination: Random

Look for a note inside the same room.

Dr. Vasco’s Office
Location: The safe is inside Dr. Vasco’s office at the far end of the Disease Treatment wing.

Safe Combination:

The Doctor carries the combination with him. You can find him in the same room as Dr. Hypatia. Go outside the main operating room to look for it in the small corridor on the lower floor. Speak with the doctor to get the combination.

The Clockwork Mansion

Lower Aventa District Safe
Location: At the start of the mission, look for an apartment building. You need to use the balcony area across the market to gain a higher vantage. Far Reach to the balconies above the black market.

Keep in mind that you need to reach a fourth-floor entrance to access the locked building on this side of the road. You go in through the balcony to reach the Bloodfly-infested fourth floor. Head down to the basement where you will find a couple of criminals. You will also find a woman here who has the safe.

Safe Combination:

You can find the combination of this safe on a blackboard outside the room.

The Royal Conservatory

Winslow Safe
Location: Look for an abandoned building near the conservatory to find the safe.

Safe Combination:

The combination for this safe is granted to you as a reward for doing a good job on a certain quest for the Black Market merchant. You need to get the Roseburrow Prototype which will allow you access to his shop.

There is a note inside the shop that has the combination. You can also pay the merchant 250 for the combination.

A Crack in the Slab

Stilton’s Mansion Safe
Location: This one is a little tricky so you need to pay attention how you need to do this. Stilton’s mansion isn’t guarded at the time so you are free to explore as much as you like, collecting in the meantime. Go to noble’s private quarters and drop down through the floor to reach the music room. Talk to Stilton and the Outsider to reach the Timepiece.

The Timepiece allows you to switch between time periods. You can explore the mansion as it is or go back three years to see how it was before. Of course, when you travel back in time the mansion will be guarded but you can grab more collectibles and find the safe.

There is a  locked boiler room in the mansion with the safe inside but in the past.

Safe Combination:

You need to take the body of a wolfhound to the past and cremate it by using the furnace. Return to the safe to the present after cremation is complete and you see the right combination already applied to the safe.

The Grand Palace

Ravina Boulevard Safe
Location: Take your heart out and get an idea of what’s spread around this map.  Follow the docks until your path splits and from there go left. Go along the road and you will come across some guards, do not approach them and instead Far Reach above the balconies above the road.

Reach a circular platform with a large tree in the middle. Locate the Watchtower that overlooks this area and Far Reach. Turn its Whale Oil Tank off  and wait for the guards beneath you to go away before you Far Reach to the next apartment building.

Reach the third floor and  use an Apartment Key to enter (The Key can be found near the Winslow Safe Company store register). The safe is inside this apartment.

Safe Combination: 123

There is a picture in the apartment of a man with a safe behind him, the combination can be seen in the picture.

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