Dishonored 2 Comics And Novel Will Bridge The Gap Between The Sequel And The First Game

According to Bethesda The first issue of the four part Dishonored 2 comics will release on August 3, and two more issues will arrive in September.

Dishonored 2 is one of the most highly anticipated games of this year, and to further create hype for the game Bethesda has announced that Dishonored 2 comics and novel will release before the sequel hits.

Starting this summer there will be the mini-series comics, which will be set 12 years after the events of Dishonored and will lead all the way to the events of this November’s Dishonored 2.

According to Bethesda The first issue of the four part Dishonored 2 comics will release on August 3, and two more issues will arrive in September and the final comic will arrive in October which will conclude the series and then full collection will be in the bookstores on November 29.

These tie-in comics will follow the protagonist and supernatural assassin of Dishonored, Corvo Attano, who is searching for an apprentice and confronts people from his past.

The mini-series comics will be written by Gordon Rennie, who’s previous credits include White Trash and 2000 AD, and the artwork will be done by Andrea Olimpieri and Marcelo Maiolo, who previously did the artwork for Batman Beyond and Old Man Logan.

The novel, Dishonored — The Corroded Man, will be definitive fill in the blanks between Dishonored and Dishonored 2, and the novel will arrive in book stores in September.

After the launch of Dishonored 2, two more books will be published that will focus on both Emily and Corvo, these books will arive in 2017.

Dishonored 2 is set in a new location called Carnaca, the southern tip of the Empire. While we know all about the industrial city of Dunwall and its plague-ridden streets, there is a lot more about the world of the Empire of the Isles that is yet to be told.

In Dishonored 2 the gameplay experience will vary depending on the character player have chosen. One reason for this is the difference in skills. Emily’s grappling hook allows her to not only travel long distances easily but it can also get re-purposed by updates so that you can hurl things around with it.

The first game was developed on Unreal Engine 3, however, this time around Arkane Studios used Void Engine, and to show off it’s capabilities some in-game screenshots were released.

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