Dishonored 2 Builds the Abilities and Empowers Stealth Elements

Dishonored 2 is all set for release on November 11, and E3 2016 is going to bring a major chunk of details on the game. However, if you are hungry for some now, we have compiled a list of things that we were able to find out about it.

Some of the details might already be known, but not all.

So to start off, we know that Dishonored 2 is set 15 years after the Rat Plague ended, and brings back Emily with Corvo – you get to choose to play between them.

The interesting point here is that the gameplay experience will vary depending on the character you have chosen. One reason for this is the difference in skills. Emily’s grappling hook allows her to not only travel long distances easily but it can also get repurposed by updates so that you can hurl things around with it.

Emily has a special power Domino allowing her to tag up to four guards together in a combat. What happens to one affects the others too.

Corvo on the other hand is more traditional in his skills and abilities taking you back in time to the original game. Controlling animals, freezing time and even fast-forwarding a little. Oh and he can also talk now.

Needless to say, each character reacts differently to the situations, increasing the replayability elements. The developers have also weighed in heavily on stealth which is why they didn’t want co-op to hurt the personal tempo of players.

You can of course choose strangleholds but Dishonored 2 also offers the ability to stun enemies without even making any noise. Emily can hypnotise groups of enemies and send them dreaming so that you can avoid having to battle it out.

Dishonored 2 has more open levels with larger areas that offer more exploration and choices. For instance, in a mission relating to entering the office of Aramis Stilton, we can do it by shedding a lot of blood all over the place, or solve a door puzzle that will take you some time to crack.

As far as the locations are concerned, not every place is the red zone, there are regions where you find common citizens bringing in conversations. This allows you to learn more about the city and even some hidden passages.

While that is all for now, we will definitely share more about the game when we get our hands on it.

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