New Dishonored 2 Screenshots Show Void Engine’s Detail Potential

Half a dozen new Dishonored 2 screenshots have been shared online by Arkane Studios that show off the detail potential of the Void Engine.

Building extensively on the existing abilities of our protagonists and empowering stealth as a play type, Arkane Studios is really bringing us back to the fold of Empress Emily Kaldwin’s world. And these new Dishonored 2 screenshots speak volumes of how detailed that world is going to be this time around.

A couple of new images for the game have been shared online that, despite not focusing on everyone’s favorite Emily or Corvo, show us that the game engine being used i.e. Void Engine has been just to all the characters.

Talking of the Void Engine, this new beast is based on id Software’s id Tech 6 Engine which replaces Unreal Engine 3 which was used for the first game in the series.

Coming back to the new Dishonored 2 screenshots, it looks like the art director S√©bastien Mitton has neither let go off the iconic personality of the game’s art design and also managed to up the game for it so as to be on a competing level with the rest of the games.

We are adding the new screenshots below; check them out, especially the ones with Emily and Corvo’s portraits and you will definitely love the detail. If not, check out the ones with the river on the front of the mountains.

Some other Dishonored 2 screenshots had also been shared by the developers yesterday, we have also got them covered here. However, if you are looking for details on the gameplay, check out everything that we have been told about the abilities of the characters, plot and the areas of the game.

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