Treyarch Discuss PS5 and Xbox Scarlett Hardware Wishlist

PS5 and Xbox Scarlett hardware wishlist shared by Treyarch, the creator of Black Ops series of Call of Duty games.

PS5 and Xbox Scarlett is slated for a shock release in 2019, according to many rumors. Various developers have discussed their wishlist for next-gen hardware as some want better online features while other want more memory. But what do the creators of Call of Duty want? By now they probably have access to PS5 and Xbox Scarlett hardware so their wishlist is actually a hint at what we can actually expect.

Speaking in a recent interview, Black Ops 4 Zombies director Jason Blundell stated that PS5 and Xbox Scarlett should have more CPU and GPU power. The development of future Call of Duty games, especially, the zombie’s mode needs more processing power. But that’s not all, audio and light are one of the most important aspects of video games.

According to Blundell, audio quality is half the graphics which means poor audio will undermine great visuals. They both go hand in hand in the current landscape of video games.

Well, I’m still waiting for a fully working holodeck from Star Trek, but assuming that is not coming in the immediate future, I will have to pick something a little more grounded.

Let’s just assume that more CPU, GPU, and memory is a given.

In the Zombies world, it’s all about sound and light. As such, I would love to see the next consoles giving more dedicated processing power, memory, and hardware effects to audio.

They say that audio is half your visuals, and I couldn’t agree more

Rumor has it that next year’s Call of Duty is releasing on both PS5 and Xbox Scarlett. If that is the case then at least Infinity Ward has access to next-gen console hardware prototypes. We have reason to believe next Xbox will be announced by the end of the year. Meanwhile, Sony plans to wait until early 2019 to show PS5.

Industry pundits have always predicted a 2021 release for PS5 and Xbox Scarlett. Seeing both consoles next year would be a pleasant surprise.

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