How to Get Tuskmon in Digimon Survive

To help you expand your roster, this guide will show you how to get Tuskmon in Digimon Survive.

In Digimon Survive, the more diverse your team, the better your chances of surviving and thriving in the game. Therefore, you’ll want to befriend as many Digimon as possible. To help your cause, this guide will show you how to get Tuskmon in Digimon Survive.

How to Recruit and Befriend Tuskmon

Tuskmon, one of Agumon‘s three Champion Digivolutions in Digimon Survive, is an aggressive Digimon with the capacity to knock enemies back. You’ll have plenty of reasons to befriend Tuskmon in Free Battles if you end up with the other two forms of Agumon.

However, before you can encounter Tuskmon in the Free World, you must first progress to Part 5 of Digimon Survive. Following that, Tuskmon will appear in random shadow encounters. When you come across a Tuskmon in a Free battle, Select the Talk option to start a conversation. Tuskmon will ask you a few questions, which you must answer.

Normally Digimon will be available to you if they find you to be like-minded, as evidenced by your responses. However, with Tuskmon it is quite the opposite. You’d need a different approach to befriend Tuskmon. Read on to find out.

In order to befriend Tuskmon, it is preferable that you disagree with Tuskmon to assert your dominance. If you provide the best answers, the bar above Tuskmon will fill up by two segments. You’ll need at least half of the bar filled by the end of the conversation to recruit Tuskmon in Digimon Survive.

Best Answers

Even with the information provided, you might struggle to get Tuskmon. To avoid that from happening read through this section, which contains the best possible answers to Tuskmon’s questions.

Question: I want to do nothing but fun things! You too, right?

Best Answer: Even more than you!

Question: This is my turf! Leave some food and get outta here!

Best Answer: Hunt for yourself!

Question: Arrrrgh! Graaaargh! Anyone else just gets in my way!

Best Answer: Calm down already!

Question: Did you know? Taking a nap after stuffing your face is just the best!

Best Answer: It’s bad for your gut.

Question: I’ll pulverize ya! Gwaaahahahahaaa!

Best Answer: Not if I beat you!

Question: .. Waiting around makes me wanna go crazy!

Best Answer: Can’t say the same…

Question: Aint you a frail-looking thing. You eating enough meat?

Best Answer: I eat everything!

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