Diablo Immortal Vault Raid Tips And Loot Guide

Raid the Vault is an exclusive and timed event for members of the Shadows faction in Diablo Immortals. The event...

Raid the Vault is an exclusive and timed event for members of the Shadows faction in Diablo Immortals. The event tasks them to raid the vaults of their opposing Immortals faction. Raid the Vault starts off as a PvE event but then progresses into PvP as the Immortals return to defend their vault.

If that sounds interesting, the following guide will explain how to start the Raid the Vault event while highlighting some tips to make the raid worth it in Diablo Immortal.

How To Start Raid The Vault In Diablo Immortal

Raid the Vault is held twice a day from 12 pm – 2 pm and 7 pm – 9 pm according to your server time. During this event, all Shadows players must loot the vault of the Immortals while making sure to not get caught stealing.

The event starts off as PvE against guardians of the vault. However, when you’re caught stealing and the alarm is raised, the Immortals’ players will arrive to stop you from entering their vault. Hence, transitioning the raid into PvP.

There are a few requirements that you must meet before starting the raid. Firstly, you must reach Rank 3 in your faction to take part in the event. Secondly, you must acquire Shards of the Living Night which can be collected as rewards from completing Shadow Contracts.

Once you’ve completed all the additional tasks required to begin the event, the next step is to enter the vault and start the raid. To enter the vault, you must pay a visit to Master Fyggus, the Master Vault Raider, who is located at the Court of Whispers.

You can visit him once the event timer has begun. You can then enter the vault once your allies have acquired the Shards of the Living Night. They’ll signal you to enter the vault and start the raid.

Diablo Immortal Vault Raid Tips

If your entire team is somehow defeated early on in the event, you will not receive any items which you obtained through Raiding the Vault. Therefore, it’s best to find skilled players to join your team for the raid.

If the Vault Warden catches you entering the vault, he’ll try to inform the Immortals and you’ll get eliminated from the event. The best option here is to eliminate the Warden before he raises the alarm.

Make sure to fully collect all Essentia from the vault. In case there’s some left, head back to the area and collect it before you get caught.

In case you get caught, and the Immortals are alarmed about your presence inside the vault, they’ll soon call backup. In situations like these, it’s best to gear up and destroy the Immortals in hard-hitting combat. The location of the combat can either be at the main vault entrance or any other area where you’re comfortable dealing with the Immortals.

Diablo Immortal Basic PvP Tips

Don’t prepare a team where every member has the same skills. Instead, focus on creating a diverse team. If you’re looking to fight PvP from the get-go, then make sure to equip yourself with PvP gear since PvP battles differ from PvE in many ways such as movement and crowd control are given more importance in PvP.

Instead of attacking everyone, focus on killing off a single enemy then shift your focus to the next target. There will always be an enemy player with the best gear and stats. This will be noticeable during the fight as that player will be decimating everyone from left to right. Here, communicate with your raiding party to pile up on him. Take him out quickly to make the Immortals sweat.

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