How to Get Horadric Armor Set in Diablo Immortal

Are you having a hard time claiming your absolutely free Horadric Armor Set because of the complicated steps? Well, worry no more. In this guide, we’ll go over Horadric Armor Set and share the exact requirements that need to be fulfilled to acquire it. So without further ado, let’s begin!

How to Get Horadric Armor Set in Diablo Immortal

The Horadrim group has been a part of various installments of Diablo Immortal, and one of the most known members of this clan is Deckard Cain. They’re pretty badass at what they do and possess some of the most incredible armor with enthralling exterior aesthetics in the Diablo world.

This time around, on the occasion of 30 million players being pre-registered for the game, Blizzard has announced that they’ll provide the DI community with a little treat by adding Horadric Legacy Armor to the game for free.

Before jumping into how you can get this Horadric Cosmetic Set, players should remember a few things beforehand. First,  Horadric Armor Set will only be available for the span of 30 days after the game’s release.

Keep in mind that this unique cosmetic can only be unlocked for one character on your account so be completely sure who you want to redeem it on.

Now that we know a few things that need to be remembered beforehand, let’s jump into how you can claim the set once unlocked.

Claiming Horadric Armor Set in Diablo Immortal

After completing the tutorial, start doing some small missions around the world to progress a little through the game to be able to equip the armor set.

Once your level is a bit up, open the menu. Go to the ‘Events’ section of it and click on Horadric Cosmetic to get your reward. But wait, it’s not done yet. After claiming, you’ll have to equip it too.

To do so, get out of the ‘Events’ section of the menu and click on the ‘Letter’ symbol towards the top right of your screen. Your mail menu will pop up in front of you that you’ll use to click on the ‘Pre-Registration Reward: Free Horadric Legacy Cosmetic.’ Click on collect, and there you have it, or maybe not?

Yes, this goes further into a final step. We promise this is the last step for acquiring The Horadric Set. Now simply go to your ‘Inventory’ menu and search for the ‘Cosmetics’ option. Click on it and equip the set to give your character a make-over!

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