Diablo Immortal Mad King’s Breach Dungeon Guide

Like every MMO and previous Diablo games, dungeons make a return in Diablo Immortal. The Mad King's Breach dungeon is...

Like every MMO and previous Diablo games, dungeons make a return in Diablo Immortal. The Mad King’s Breach dungeon is the game’s first dungeon. In this guide, we will give you a complete walkthrough of Mad King’s Breach Dungeon in Diablo Immortal including all the bosses you face and the Set items you get.

Diablo Immortal Mad King’s Breach Location

Mad King’s Breach immediately follows the “Masters of Death” mission. While Xul tries to fight Lethes, you are tasked with entering the breach to stop Leoric and take the Worldstone Shard from him. The dungeon can be accessed around level 17-20, near the end of the Ashwold Cemetery zone’s plot.

mad king's breach location

The dungeon entrance is just past the Haunted Carriage as you climb the steps of the building.

Mad King’s Breach Set Items (Drops)

While the first time you play through Mad King’s Breach you will be doing it as part of the story, you can revisit the dungeon again to complete it on higher difficulties and get better loot.

Set items in Diablo Immortal start dropping when you are on Hell 1 difficulty and that is what you mainly need to aim for.

After defeating all the bosses in Mad King’s dungeon, you will receive the following set items and the difficulties they are dropped at:

  • Bloody Hand (glove) – Hell 1+
  • Fairfleet – Hell 2+
  • Issatar at Rest (amulet) – Hell 2+
  • Luminary’s Urge (gloves) – Hell 1+
  • Shepherd and Mother (ring) – Hell 2+
  • Storm-Tack of Shal’baas (belt) – Hell 1+

Mad King’s Breach Bosses

In the Mad King’s Dungeon, you will have to fight 3 bosses on 3 different floors. The last boss will be the Skeleton King Leoric you might remember from Diablo 3.

We have listed down all the bosses that you’ll need to fight in the Mad King’s Dungeon below:

  • Sir Gorash
  • Manoruk the Gatekeeper
  • The Skeleton King

Mad King’s Breach Walkthrough

1st Floor

In Diablo Immortal, the first Dungeon is the Mad King’s Dungeon. This Dungeon consists of 3 floors. You will encounter three different bosses on each floor.

The 1st Floor is small, with a treasure box against the left wall. To spawn Sir Gorash at the end, you must defeat two waves of Wraiths that spawn in the central corridor. He can cast Arcane Beams and Waller, but he can be easily defeated.

How to defeat Sir Gorash

Sir Gorash unleashes a lot of skeletons toward you. Kill all minions and Skeletons before it becomes overwhelming. He will also use a lot of traps for you.

Whenever he sets traps, keep your distance from him.  Keep in mind that minions can cause a lot of damage. So, kill his minions first.

After that, whenever Sir Gorash uses his axe, it takes a bit of time. Use that time to attack Sir Gorash from behind and keep on repeating this to defeat him.

2nd Floor

You will face Manoruk the Gatekeeper on the second floor. To spawn Manoruk at the end of the hall, kill all the monsters till the end.

In the middle and at the end, several monsters spawn that must be defeated before Manoruk can spawn.

How to Defeat Manoruk the Gatekeeper

Manoruk the Gatekeeper gathers and fires individual blasts that cause some damage during the fight. He also possesses a lengthy assault that tosses skulls around the floor in waves.

This might be scary in the beginning, but if you understand the flow of these attacks, you can easily defeat him by attacking him in between his attacks.

3rd Floor

The last boss in Mad King’s Dungeon is the Skeleton King. Before moving on to the Skeleton King, you must clear three tiers of monsters on the third floor. As you climb the steps, you must wipe out all of the attackers.

To get to the top, kill the six opponents in the room’s center, then kill the four Skeletal Guards that spawn after that as well.

The Skeleton King spawns at the far end of the chamber once all of the monsters are eliminated.

How to Defeat The Skeleton King

With two stages, the Skeleton King is very easy to defeat boss in the Mad King’s Dungeon. He’ll swing his weapon during the initial stage, which you can easily avoid.

He’ll charge toward you on his horse in the second stage. Allow him to strike you with his charge if you’re a melee class, and if he drags you along with him, it will boost your DPS. Save your Ultimate skills for the second stage if you’re in a group.

It becomes very easy to defeat The Skeleton King in the second stage. So just hang in there during the first phase and attack him with you all you have in the second phase of the fight.

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