Diablo Immortal Lost Runes Quest: How to Light All 9 Lamps

Diablo Immortal has finally been released on Android, iOS, and Windows. Players are quite excited to jump in and start grinding best class by completing quests and other activities. This guide will tell you how to light all 9 lamps and complete the Lost Runes Quest in Diablo Immortal. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

How To Light All 9 Lamps In The Lost Runes Quest

In Diablo Immortal’s Lost Runes quest, your objective is to solve two puzzles. The Lamp Pillars puzzle is the first, while the Mirrors puzzle is the second.

This quest, in no way, is an easy quest to complete. You can’t ignite all of the lamps at once, but you may simply reset the torches and try the puzzle as many times as possible.

If you choose a lamp, it will be lit, and a flame will be sent to the pillars nearest to the one you choose. You need to select the corner lamps one by one and then select the lamp in the center of the square.

The remaining torches will light up once you’ve lit them all in the correct order. The puzzle’s answer is available in the book to the left of the pillars.

The rune will emerge when all nine lights have been lighted, and you can proceed with the quest. You can then pick it up and complete the task.

Now that you know How to Light All 9 Lamps, you will complete the Lost Runes quest and receive Nine-Star Waistband as the reward.

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