Diablo Immortal Kikuras Rapids Dungeon Guide

Kikuras Rapids is the 5th dungeon in Diablo Immortal and has players searching for a Nephalem Beacon in order to...

Kikuras Rapids is the 5th dungeon in Diablo Immortal and has players searching for a Nephalem Beacon in order to gain access to the Temple of Namari. In this guide, we will explain how to proceed through the Diablo Immortal Kikuras Rapids Dungeon and get the Nephalem Beacon from the Chieftain Ongori boss at the end.

Diablo Immortal Kikuras Rapids Dungeon Location

The dungeon is one of the smallest dungeons in the game and features only a single level for the players. The Kikuras Rapids dungeon is unlocked at level 40.

The dungeon is found in Bilefen and is one of the most unique dungeons in Diablo Immortal. You can find the entrance of the dungeon at the bottom right corner of the Bilefen zone.

Kikuras Rapids Location

Kikuras Rapids Set Items (Drops)

Set Items for the dungeon drop depending on your difficulty. Playing through the dungeon on higher difficulty will increase your chances of finding more set items from the dungeon.

A higher Magic Find stat, defined by your gems, will also increase your chances of finding Set Loot in Kikuras Rapids Dungeon.

  • Shameless Urge (ring) – Hell +2
  • Shephard and Begtter (waist) – Hell +1
  • Issatar’s Open Hand (gloves) – Hell +1
  • Modest Urge (ring) – Hell +2
  • Stump-Stir (boots) – Hell +3
  • The Subjugator (amulet) – Hell +3
  • Broken Palm (ring) – Hell +2
  • Mountebacks’s Marvels (ring) – Hell +2

Kikuras Rapids Walkthrough

The dungeon is one of the most unique dungeons. It has only a single level and a single boss, but the aspect that makes the dungeon unique is the raft section of the dungeon.

As you start the dungeon, after making it through the first one-third of the dungeon, you will get the option of getting on a raft.

This section has you riding a raft that is moving on its own. The entire section of the dungeon is completely telegraphed and you have very low mobility for this section.

You stay on the raft and Fetishes will ambush you. You can keep on killing them as they are easy targets and you will make it through.

There is a single section where a bridge is blocking your way with demons standing on it shooting fireballs at you. Once you have killed all the Fetishes attacking you, the bridge will burn away and your raft will be back on its “not-so-merry-way”.

The second notice-worthy event is where fetishes will pull a second raft next to yours, allowing you more space to move around but this also means that more mobs will now spawn at once to fight you.

Though the rafts will separate at moments, both of them will ultimately lead you to the same destination. Both the rafts are headed for a waterfall, and once you fall down, you will be just a few steps away from facing the boss of this dungeon.

How to Defeat Chieftain Ongori in Diablo Immortal Kikuras Rapids Dungeon

The boss for Kikuras Rapids Dungeons is Chieftain Ongori. The boss uses purple projectiles to attack you for most of the fight. Ongori will fire multiple purple fireballs at you that either spread out or stay condensed and their behavior depends on your distance from Chieftain Ongori.

If you are far from the boss, the fireballs will spread and if you are close, they are more closely packed.

Other than these, Chieftain Ongori will periodically summon 6 Fetishes to attack you. It’s best that you kill them fast because if Chieftain Ongori summons more of them, you will be seriously overwhelmed.

Chieftain Ongori also has two AoE attacks. For the first, he will simply walk over to you and strike his staff down, making a small purple circle that burns the player. Or the second, Chieftain Ongori jumps up and lands on any player fighting him, with the same AoE. This attack is less predictable in larger parties and difficult to evade.

When you have depleted around 30% of Chieftain Ongori’s health, the 4 totems in the arena, that have been idle up till now, are activated and start acting as sentries. They will start shooting the player in a 360-degree area and this makes it more difficult for players to position themselves in the arena.

Once you defeat Chieftain Ongori, the dungeon will be completed and you will get your loot.

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