Diablo Immortal Gold Guide

Gold is the most basic and common currency type in Diablo Immortal. Just like in previous Diablo games and every...

Gold is the most basic and common currency type in Diablo Immortal. Just like in previous Diablo games and every other action role-playing game out there, you will need gold to spend on a lot of crafting, upgrades, and activities. The following guide will explain the best ways to farm gold in Diablo Immortal.

How To Farm Gold In Diablo Immortal

Gold is a farmable currency, meaning that it is rather easy to farm and accumulate compared to most of the other currencies in Diablo Immortal.

There are several ways through which to farm gold. You can become rich by just killing enemies and monsters in the game as well as completing all of the quests. You will probably not even realize how much gold you can hoard by the time you max out your character at level 60.

There are also in-game activities such as Bounties that give gold as a reward.¬†Bounties are a great way to get gold when you’re short on cash. Make sure to pick the most difficult Bounties as they grant the most gold.

You will primarily be earning gold by just killing everything that moves in Diablo Immortal. That makes running dungeons probably the most lucrative option.

You can also run Rifts for free to farm gold, and you can keep repeating Rifts for as long as you want. Gold is hence a very easy currency to grind in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal Gold Uses

Gold can be used to upgrade your gear in Diablo Immortal. Upgrading and raising your gear levels is crucial because it is the only method to raise your ORDR and character’s strength. Furthermore, legendary gear gains Bonus Attributes at specific gear tiers, making it even more important to upgrade them.

You can use your gold to gamble as well. Gambling in Westmarch is the best thing to do if you have gold to spare and want to try your luck at getting high-quality goods. It also serves as a good currency sinkhole if you have more gold than you know what to do with. If luck is on your side, you may just gamble to win a legendary ring or amulet.

Apart from the above two uses, you can save up gold to create a clan in Diablo Immortal as well.

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