Diablo Immortal Clearing The Cobwebs “Kill Spiders” Bounty Guide

You will have the option of picking up bounties for some extra experience points and rewards in Diablo Immortal. These are mini-quests that task you to kill a specific number of enemies and as evident, can be get done pretty quickly. The following guide will walk you through the Clearing the Cobwebs bounty in Diablo Immortal.

How To Complete Clearing The Cobwebs Bounty In Diablo Immortal

To complete the Clearing the Cobwebs bounty in Diablo Immortal, you need to kill 50 spiders by going to the Ashwold Cemetery.

The problem is that you will not be able to find all 50 spiders in a single place at the same time. There will only be a couple of spiders at a time. Some players have claimed to have come across 5 spiders at a time as well.

In either case, once you kill the first group of spiders, more spiders will spawn but after around 10 minutes. You are left with only one option and that is to stay back at the Ashwold Cemetery and wait for spiders to spawn in order to complete the Clearing the Cobwebs bounty in Diablo Immortal. That will however take you hours.

Clearing The Cobwebs Bounty Bug

In its current state, Clearing the Cobwebs is just not worth it. You can easily spend the time you waste waiting for the spiders to spawn elsewhere. This is not by design though. The bounty is bugged.

There are currently no known workarounds to complete this bounty in quick time. Blizzard Entertainment is expected to fix the spawning rate of the spiders in the coming patches.

Until then, you can wait and spends hours in the Ashwold Cemetery to complete the Clearing the Cobwebs bounty if you really are bent on clearing up your quest log.

You can also abandon the bounty or re-roll an existing bounty.

To abandon a bounty, head into the menu and then select quests. Choose Abandon Quests from there and then choose another bounty from the bounty board in Westmarch.

How To Reroll Clearing the Cobwebs Bounty

The top-right corner of the bounty banner for each bounty on the bounty board features a little “refresh” icon. To get rid of the bounty and re-roll a new one, click that icon.

You can only reroll in Diablo Immortal three times each day, so keep that in mind. Additionally, you can only reroll before taking the bounty. You’ll just have to let it expire if you’ve already committed to cleaning up cobwebs.

You still have seven more bounties to do that day and working together will help you fulfill them more quickly.

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