Diablo Immortal Cavern of Echoes Dungeon Guide

Cavern of Echoes is one of the most exciting dungeons of Diablo Immortal. In this guide, we will give you...

Cavern of Echoes is one of the most exciting dungeons of Diablo Immortal. In this guide, we will give you a complete walkthrough of Cavern of Echoes Breach Dungeon in Diablo Immortal including all the bosses you face and the Set items you get.

Diablo Immortal Cavern of Echoes Location

You can find the Cavern of Echoes Breach in the Frozen Tundra zone. Cavern of Echoes dungeon in Diablo Immortal unlocks at level 50.

cavern of echoes location

Cavern of Echoes Set Items (Drops)

You have a greater chance, if you invest in the Magic Find stat, of obtaining Set items from Glacial Colossus in the Cavern of Echoes dungeon. Keep in mind that Set Items only start dropping in Hell difficulties. It takes a long time to farm Set Items and multiple runs of the same dungeon.

After defeating all the bosses in Cavern of Echoes, you’ll receive the following Set Items:

  • Issatar Contained (waist) – Hell 1+
  • Mountebank’s Shirking (gloves) – Hell 1+
  • Shepherd and Father (ring) – Hell 2+
  • The Prisoner (ring) – Hell 2+
  • Wisdom’s Edge (amulet) – Hell 2+
  • Wind-Trods of Shal’baas (boots) – Hell 1+

Cavern of Echoes Bosses

There are two different floors on Cavern of Echoes. You will face two different bosses in the Cavern of Echoes dungeon. Following are the bosses that you’ll face in this dungeon:

  • Blood Rime
  • Glacial Colossus

Cavern of Echoes Walkthrough

Ground Level

This dungeon is divided into two floors. On the first floor, the route is simple. Fight your way past Yetis and two Glacial Monstrosities before facing Blood Rime.

How to Defeat Blood Rime in Diablo Immortal

There are two phases in the fight against Blood Rime. He’s a bit calm during the first phase, but when he gets angry, he’ll smash the floor and drag you down.

He’ll execute a rolling assault in the second stage, and icicles will rain from the sky. Avoid them at all costs since they will freeze you.

To defeat him, wait till the end of the second phase and start attacking him right after his attacks.

Sub-Ground Level

Once Blood Rime is defeated, you must proceed to the next floor in order to face the Glacial Colossus in the end. Icicles will continuously fall from the sky on this floor, so be cautious.

To get into the last section, kick down the ice pillar, then proceed straight ahead to face the final boss. This floor includes frozen opponents that you can generally avoid, but one of their allies frees them. Before you can unlock the door, you must kill all of the opponents, so we recommend that you don’t leave any survivors.

How to Defeat Glacial Colossus

You’ve will face Glacial Colossus now. The first step is to take out all of the foes in the room before crushing him. He’ll go underground after a while, create two groups of opponents, and then start blasting three ice beams. Kill all foes while avoiding the ice beams at all cost as they do a lot of damage.

Stick to the strategy, there’s a strong possibility it’ll go underground a second time near the finish of the fight. Continue to dodge the ice beams, remove the rubbish, and finish him off when he reappears.

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