How To Get The Wings Of The Creator Emote In Diablo 4

The Wings of the Creator emote summons the iconic angelic tendrils of light from your back in Diablo 4 for extra bragging rights.

Diablo 4 has several character customization features and emotes to choose from, one of which is the highly exclusive Wings of the Creator.

With this special emote, you can spawn the iconic angelic tendrils of light from your back. They do not grant you any in-game skills or abilities other than making your character stand out from the others.

The only problem is that unlocking the Wings of the Creator is a little expensive affair. You are not going to find this emote by completing a specific quest or reaching a milestone. Instead, you have to get your wallet.

How to get the Wings of the Creator Emote in Diablo 4

The Wing of the Creator is a rare emote in Diablo 4. Hence why the only way you get your hands on this feature is by spending a few bucks out of your pocket. The emote is a part of the Diablo 4 Ultimate Edition and costs you 99.99 Dollars.

Once you have bought the Ultimate Edition of the game, you can use the Wing of the Creator Emote to summon Inarius, the former archangel of the High Heavens. Unfortunately, if you own the Standard or Deluxe Edition of Diablo 4, you will be left out of this feature.

You can, though, always upgrade your game to the Ultimate Edition with the help of Platinum.


How to activate the Wings of the Creator emote

You can summon your angelic wings just like any other emote in Diablo 4. That means opening your emote (action) wheel and selecting the Wings of the Creator from the list.

Press E on your keyboard or Up on your controller d-pad to open the action wheel. Click on the Customize button at the bottom and head into the Emotes tab. Find the Wings emote and place it on your emote wheel.

Confirm and back out. Now, open your emote wheel again and select the Wings of the Creator emote slot to turn all of the players’ heads near you.

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