Diablo 4 Unique Wands Guide

There is only one unique wand to find for your Sorcerer builds in Diablo 4, at least for now but which could change soon.

Sorcerer is the only class in Diablo 4 right now that can make use of unique wands, at least until a new class comes around that can also use magic.

It goes without saying that your Sorcerer builds are never going to be complete without a proper wand. This unique item gives you insane buffs to not only increase your damage but also other supporting stats.

Strangely enough, there is only one unique wand to find in Diablo 4 at the moment. Being a Sorcerer might be hard in other avenues but when it comes to choosing a unique item, you have your decision made for you.

Flamescar (Sorcerer)

The Flamescar unique wand is all about improving your Incinerate skill to increase your burning damage in Diablo 4. That as well as taking care of large groups of enemies.

To start things off, its unique effect makes you shoot embers while using Incinerate which automatically seeks out nearby enemies to deal insane fire damage.

This proves mighty helpful in dungeons where you are going to be facing a plethora of rampaging enemies.


Secondly, you get extra ranks to your Incinerate skill, allowing you to spend the extra skill points elsewhere in D4. The damage you do to burning enemies gets increased as well, making Incinerate even more powerful.

Unfortunately, like the other unique items, the only way to find the Flamescar unique wand in Diablo 4 is pure luck. You need to grind World Tier 3 or higher dungeons for a chance to loot it from fallen enemies.

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