Diablo 4 Unique Maces Guide

There are only two unique maces to find in Diablo 4 and both of them are exclusive unique items for the Barbarian class.

Unique Maces are ideal if you want to stun or knock back your enemies while draining most of their health in Diablo 4.

These unique weapons allow you to deal bonus damage to stunned or knocked-back enemies. Moreover, your critical chance improves, and you regenerate health upon each hit with this weapon.

Apart from these, there are some special effects that can be triggered if you are in a particular condition. These include stunning the enemies when you take damage or gaining additional damage at a lower health level. So all these things make Unique Maces one of the best weapons in Diablo 4.

Hellhammer (Barbarian)

The Hellhammer is a terrifying unique two-handed mace in Diablo 4. Its unique effect lets you create patches of burning areas on the ground that burn enemies upon contact. This works in tandem with two burning modifiers that come with the unique mace.

Firstly, the Hellhammer increases all damage done to burning enemies. Secondly, all burning enemies do reduced damage to you in return.

The unique mace also increases your overpower damage as well as all damage done to crowd-controlled enemies in Diablo 4. Make sure to have a skill that does CC to make use of this modifier.

Overkill (Barbarian)

Overkill, as the name suggests, is a unique two-handed mace that is all about grounding enemies to dust. Its unique effect allows a Barbarian to create a shockwave that resets your Death’s Blow skill upon a confirmed kill.

In addition, your damage to injured enemies takes a massive boost, as does your critical strike chance against injured enemies.

If you are a fan of overpowered attacks, know that the Overkill unique mace increases your overpower damage twice (there are two modifiers here) in Diablo 4.

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