Diablo 4 Unique Bows Guide

There are only two unique bows in Diablo 4 and both are Rogue-exclusive unique items. Here is what they all do.

Rogues are the only class in Diablo 4 that can use a bow in their long-range weapon slot. While the Barbarian’s arsenal system gives the class access to four weapon slots, the bow is exclusive to Rogues alone.

Since the Rogue class is all about doing tons of damage thanks to improved critical strikes and critical damage, their unique bows increase all damage done to distance enemies.

Other bonuses include stat improvements and a unique stat to double your damage on every hit. While the Twisting Blades Rogue build is the best one right now in Diablo 4, having an excellent bow helps increase your overall damage even if you are using melee daggers.

Skyhunter (Rogue)

The Skyhunter unique bow is a Rogue-exclusive unique item in Diablo 4. You gain an extra rank to your Exploit skill and a damage boost for your Marksman skill. It also increases your critical strike damage and the overall damage dealt to all distant enemies.

Moreover, your first attack is always going to be a confirmed critical strike. If your Precision Key passive has the maximum stacks when used, you will gain some energy to use for your next attack.

Windforce (Rogue)

Windforce is another Rogue-exclusive unique bow in Diablo 4. It increases all of your stats, overall damage to all distant enemies, and your core skill damage. You also gain a bonus rank to Impetus.

The Windforce unique item in D4 comes with an enhanced Lucky Hit that carries a chance to double the damage you do on each attack. The same attack is also going to knock back the target.

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