Diablo 4 Salt Begets Salt Walkthrough

In the Salt Begets Salt quest, you have to help out Jargal find his missing goat named Tuji in Diablo 4. She has apparently been stolen.

You will come across many side quests that will keep you pretty much occupied during your time in Diablo 4.

This can be instigated by interacting with certain NPC characters, after which you can complete them to gain certain rewards. So for the Salt Begets Salt side quest, you can interact with the character who goes by the name of Jargal.

So if you are interested in this specific sidequest then read on as we have got you covered on the location of Salt Begets Salt along with the rewards that you will get on completing it as well.

How to start the quest

The map location of Salt Begets Salt in Diablo 4.

So to find the location of the sidequest Salt Begets Salt you need to head south from the Untamed Scarps and make your way through the road that leads you to the Jirandai Area. This happens to the nearest area to the NPC you want to meet in D4.

Similarly, you can also take the road that leads you to the Desolation’s Reach area and then continue north from there to the point where you see the other road converging. So take that road up north and this way you are bound to meet Jargal as well in Diablo 4.

How to complete Salt Begets Salt in Diablo 4

So after you find Jargal and interact with him he will complain that the thieving squatter ran off with his precious Tuji, which happens to be his favorite goat and comfort animal as well in Diablo 4.


Therefore, your task is to locate this thief and bring return the goat to its rightful owner to complete the Salt Begets Salt.

To reach the place where you will find the thieves, you can simply use the fast travel option to go to the Ruins of Qara-Yisu Waypoint in Diablo 4.

There you will have to find Tuji amongst the ruins while killing the enemies such as cannibals that come in your way as well.

However, you will find the goat in a presumably dead state, so you can interact with it to pick it up. Finish off the enemy hordes that rush upon you. After that, you can use the Jirandai Waypoint to head back to the nearest location to meet with Jargal in D4.

So once you exit the waypoint, you can use your mount to go directly to Jargal and give him the sad news about the dead goat.

Much to your surprise, he will exclaim that Tuji is, in fact, alive after eating salt, which is his favorite treat, and he goes into a deep slumber. This way your Salt Begets Salt, side quest will be marked as complete in Diablo 4.

As part of completing this side quest you will receive the following rewards, which include +20 Dry Steppes Renown, some Gold, and XP along with a Salvage Cache as well in D4.

By opening it you will be able to receive some random crafting materials which can be used for either upgrading gear or crafting purposes.

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