Diablo 4 Rogue: True Potential Quest Guide

If you are playing a rogue in Diablo 4, you will eventually have to complete "True Potential" to unlock your specialization skill.

“True Potential” is a priority class-based quest for the rogue in Diablo 4. Completing this quest will unlock your rogue’s specialization skill to make your build even more powerful.

Take note that all classes have their own unique priority quests to complete, and they all are necessary if you are looking to make the best end-game build in Diablo 4.

How to unlock True Potential in Diablo 4

You will automatically get the True Potential class quest after reaching level 15 with a rogue in Diablo 4.

When you receive the quest in your quest log, head over to a town called Menestad in Fractured Peaks. Follow the quest marker to find Leyrana just outside the town.

Speaking with her will begin the class quest to unlock your “true potential” as a rogue in Diablo 4.

Rogue: True Potential walkthrough

The True Potential class specialization quest takes placed in the Forsaken Quarry dungeon of Diablo 4. Begin by reaching the location marked on the map below.

Reach the Forsaken Quarry dungeon

Forsaken Quarry location for True Potential in Diablo 4

The easiest way to reach the location is by heading to the eastern side from the place where you found Layrana.

Make your way to the Western Ways and interact with a corpse found along the way to reach the Crags of Ill Wind location.

Head further east by taking the traversal point to the right side and interacting with another corpse.

The corpse will be found along the cliff’s ledge in the southwestern section of the area. Keep following the eastern path till you reach the Forsaken Quarry Dungeon.

Here you will have to talk with Layrana who then explains more about herself and the item you are searching for.

Although you can directly enter the Dunegion, it is still recommended that you follow up with her story for more clarification about the quest.

Defeat enemies in the dungeon

After the conversation is over, enter the Dungeon to unlock a few objectives to complete. The first one is pretty straightforward. Simply clear the dungeon by defeating each of the enemies found inside the initial section of the Forsaken Quarry.

Defeat Bakira in a boss fight

After you defeat all enemies, you can make your way through the locked gate to find Bakira’s Shattered Soul. Interact with the corpse and start the mini-boss fight.

Bakira hardly has any moves in her arsenal, making this a one-sided fight. After defeating Bakira, talk to Laynara who is standing near the corpse of Bakira to complete the True Potential Quest in Diablo 4.

Rogue: True Potential reward in Diablo 4

Completing the True Potential class quest unlocks the specialization skill for your rogue. You also receive a Bakira Sting Dagger for defeating Bakira.

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