Diablo 4 Reject The Mother Walkthrough

You have to find the right emote to show your 'heretic' side by "Rejecting the Mother" (Lilith) in this side quest in Diablo 4.

“Reject the Mother” is another side quest that gives you only clues as to which emote needs to be used in Diablo 4. It is similar to the Traveler’s Prayer quest where you have to give your Thanks. Here though, you must do the opposite.

How to start the quest

The ‘Reject the Mother’ side quest begins as you interact with a Torn Note in the Abahru Canyon of Tusmaa Rift region in the Dry Steppes Zone of Diablo 4. The location of this note is marked on the map below and the closest waypoint to fast travel here is the Ked Bardu waypoint located just west of it.

Ensure you have completed the Whittling Sanity main quest before starting this quest otherwise the Reject the Mother side quest will not be unlocked.

How to complete Reject the Mother in Diablo 4

To complete Reject the Mother quest in D4, you have to follow the steps mentioned below.

Interact with the Torn Note

Once you have reached the Abahru Canyon in Tusmaa Rift, you will find the Torn Note lying on the ground. Interact with it to update the objective of the quest.

Go to Lilith’s Secret Shrine

Now you have to make your way to Lilith’s secret shrine which is just north of where you found the Torn Note. To make it easy the location of the shrine is marked on the map below which is also near the Dark Ravine Dungeon.

Lilith's Shrine location for Reject the Mother quest in Diablo 4.

Reject Lilith

As the name of the quest suggests, you have to reject Lilith in her own shrine. To do this, bring up your emote wheel and choose the No emote from it.

Your reward will be a Heretic’s Cache that spawns right next to the shrine. Interact with it to get some random loot, plus gold, Renown, and XP.

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