Diablo 4 Monster Parts And How To Get Them 

Diablo 4 features a lot of enemy types that can drop various monster parts as crafting materials to help you upgrade your potions.

Diablo 4 features a lot of enemy types that can drop various monster parts as crafting materials to help you upgrade your potions and elixirs.

Considering that you are going to be killing monsters all the time over the course of your progression, you are never going to run out of monster materials.

That being said, if you are in need of some materials for a specific potion, here is how and where to find all monster parts in Diablo 4.

Where to find all monster parts in Diablo 4

There are four different types of monster parts that drop from four different types of enemies in Diablo 4. You can also loot them from chests and corpses, but that involves RNG.

Crushed Beast Bones

The Crushed Beast Bones is a monster part that can be found by killing wildlife creatures. These include beasts like Spiders and Bears, werecreatures, and animals in the wild.

The best spot for farming Crushed Beast Bones is in Scosglen. Here you will need to travel to the Highland Wilds area which is to the west of the Under the Fat Goose Inn Waypoint.


When you find four or more legged creatures, you can kill them for this monster part. When you start to see skeletons, you will have a crossway off to where you should be.

The Crushed Beast Bones are used to make a Light Healing Potion.

Demon’s Heart

The Demon’s Heart is another Monster part that you will come across in Diablo 4. It can be found as a drop item when you kill demons.

The Demon’s Heart can be found in hell-type areas like Helltides or areas where demons are common. This monster part can be used to make Moderate and superior Healing Potion.

Grave Dust

Grave Dust is a Monster part which by itself does not produce any potion like the previous monster parts but it is of great importance to players because it can be used to upgrade potions.

The Grave Dust can be found when you kill undead enemies like skeletons or zombies. When killed they will have a chance to drop this monster part and you will need to kill a lot to make yourself worthwhile.


The Paletongue is the final and most important Monster part you can find in Diablo 4. This is because it is used in so many potions and Elixirs and concoctions. The pale tongue can be found in the mouth of evil humans and humanoids.

The Paletongue can be used to upgrade a healing potion into a Strong Healing potion. You can also use this monster part to make an Elixir of Death Evasion, Chorus of War, Soothing Spices, and Blessed Guide.

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