New Diablo 4 Leak Suggests Darker Setting And A New Class

According to a new Diablo 4 leak, there will be at least one new class, a darker Diablo 2-like style to its setting and a brand new Diablo.

A massive leak for Diablo 4 surfaced a few hours ago with details that make it incredibly believable. According to the leaker, Diablo 4 will have a much darker setting than Diablo 4, similar to the second game. In addition, we find out who the new Diablo is and what some of its classes are.

Some of the details in this Diablo 4 leak could be mere assumptions. The game will feature a 4 player co-op and PvP and has a strong Diablo 2 influence. The game will have at least 3 classes, a Mage using Fire, Ice and Lightning, and a Barbarian, both similar to Diablo 3 as far as we know. However, there will also be a Druid class with the ability to transform into bears and werewolves as well as manipulate wind and lightning.

The Diablo 4 setting will be much darker than the third game. Under the influence of Diablo 2, the next game will have locations full of decay, death, and darkness. We’re glad to hear that as we’ve missed the authentic style of Diablo. It’s a big shame that other titles like Path of Exile manage to replicate that feeling better than Diablo 3.

Last but not least, we found out who the next Diablo will be. A couple of days ago, another leak suggested that Diablo 2’s Lilith will be coming back to the new game. Now, we find out that Lilith is, in fact, the new Diablo. She, of course, has new looks and some cool interactions in-game. Here’s what the leaker says about her appearance in Diablo 4:

All this game seems to be is a W I N K to the Diablo 2 fans, Lilith being the new diablo (she’s covered in blood veil kinda), characters being shown sitting at a campfire as character selection, nitty gritty dark style that 2 was praised for, some skills also seem to be just taken from it and put in here (like sorceress’ charged bolt).

Most users commenting on the post believe that this isn’t a leak but a marketing trick from Blizzard. With its community being torn apart due to bad announcements and political biases, it would be legit for them to pass Diablo 4 as a spiritual successor to Diablo 2 just before Blizzcon. Whatever the case, Blizzard’s annual event starts tomorrow, so it won’t be long before we find out what the deal with Diablo 4 is.

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