Diablo 4 Bad Blood Walkthrough 

The Bad Blood side quest in Diablo 4 will have you test out a poisonous potion for Gulya and take out bandits and cultists in the process.

The Bad Blood side quest becomes available in Diablo 4 once you cross level 61. You need to have also completed The Necrotic Research before you can start this one. This quest can be found at the location of Hawezar region

This quest has you test a potion on behalf of a character named Gulya. You have to take it to two different locations and test it on Bandits and Cultists. You’ll observe what happens and then report back to Gulya. This is a short and easy-to-do side quest. Here’s you do it. 

How to start the quest

In order to start the Bad Blood quest in Diablo 4, you need to make your way to the Forsaken Coast region in Hawezar. The quest starts on the southwestern edge of the Forsaken Coast. We have marked the location on the map above as well. 

Once you reach the location, you’ll find an NPC named Gulya. Talk to them and the quest will start.

How to complete Bad Blood in Diablo 4 

In order to complete this quest in Diablo 4, you need to complete a few objectives. They are all easy to do and shouldn’t take you long to clear them. For ease of reference, we have listed them down below. 

Take Gulyas’ Potion

As you talk to Gulyas, you’ll provide her with the materials collected from the previous quest The Necrotic Research. She then uses them to make Gulyas’ Potion. It will be placed on the desk on the left side so go ahead and take it.


Find the bandit camp 

Now leave and make your way to the east from locate the Bandit Camp. Once you reach there, go inside the camp and look for the cookpot there. 

Add Gulyas’ Potion to the bandits’ food 

As you find Cookpot, you need to interact with it. You’ll add the potion into their food and now you need to hide and see what happens. 

Hide near the Cookpot 

You’ll find a hiding spot near the cookpot on the left side. So go ahead and hide yourself. Now, you’ll observe how the bandits come to eat the food and die from the potion. Once they’re dead, exit the place and make your way to your next target.

Find the cultist camp 

Next, you have to reach Cultist Camp to repeat the same process with cultist food. This camp can be found in the Toxic Fens. You can find it when you go east from the Maw Dungeon. 

Add Gulyas’ Potion to the cultists’ food 

As you reach the location of the camp, you have to interact with the Cookpot. Add the potion to their food and then hide nearby to see how it works.

Hide near the Cookpot 

You’ll find the hiding spot right above the cookpot. A cut scene will be played once you hide similar to the one you watched in the bandit camp. The cultist will eat their food and then they’ll die. 

Return to Gulyas 

As the experiment of the potion is done, you have to make your way back to Gulya. Talk with her and explain what you saw. This will bring this quest of Bad Blood to conclude. 

On the successful completion of all the required objectives of the Bad Blood quest in Diablo 4, you will be earning a few valuable things which are mentioned below in pointers. 

  • +20 Hawezar Renown 
  • Gold 
  • Experience 
  • Herb Cache 

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