Diablo 2 Resurrected Smiter Paladin Build

In this guide, we'll be showing you how to build the formidable Diablo 2 Resurrected Smiter Paladin Build to tackle monsters effectively

A rather unique build in Diablo 2 Resurrected, is the Smiter Paladin build; high-risk and high-reward.  The smiter paladin is a very strong single target build. In this guide, we’ll help you build the Diablo 2 Resurrected Smiter Paladin Build.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Smiter Paladin Build

These heroes have a very high attack accuracy, and with the added survivability because of the high life and Life leech, makes Paladin Builds incredibly potent against Bosses and single targets, making for easy leveling for the character.

However, the drawback to this build is that there is a clear lack of Area of Effect damage or Skills, making this build not the ideal one for a fun playthrough. And it is because of this restraint that The Smiter is rarely seen outside Uber Tristram.

Another great thing about the smiter is that for it to be an effective build you don’t need very high quality or expensive gear.

It is effective with low-level gear as well. Though if you are going for specialty gear then the options become quite expensive.

You can also check out the alternative build for Paladin; the Blessed Hammer Paladin!


Start off with putting 1 point in all prerequisites. Then we put 20 points into each main skill respectively. After which you still have a lot of points left and you can use them as you see fit.

Main Skills for the Paladin are:

Smite (Maxed Out)

This temporarily stuns enemies, with a bash from your shield and also increases the hit chance, which when leveled out ensures that none of your attacks miss while dealing increased damage.

Holy Shield (Maxed Out)

Increases your shield stats, and gives increasing blocking chances, also works to enhance smite damage.

Fanaticism (Maxed Out)

Quite simply increase attack damage, attack speed, and attack rating for you and your party.

After these, it’s your choice what you would like to do but we like to increase our elemental resistances so we spend a considerable amount in Resist Fire and Resist Shock, and then just add points in any other skill we would require.


Of the 4 core attributes, we need strength to increase our carry capacity for gear and Dexterity for max Block. We don’t need to put any points into Energy. While we put the rest into Vitality. So that boils down to:

  • Strength: 150
  • Dexterity: 150
  • Vitality: All remaining Points.

Charms to use for Smiter Paladin

You can use the Annihilus initially, which is a small charm that provides you with +1 Skill, bonuses to your attributes, and all resistances. Other than that, opting for Large Charms isn’t recommended due to the excessive inventory space.

If you want a Grand Charm, you can go for any that provides a boost to your Smite and Holy Shield skills that we mentioned above.

With this build you can have final damage of 3.1 k or above per hit. You could pretty much melt bosses and one hit anything in between.

Best Gear for Smiter Paladin in D2 Resurrected


The weapon of choice for our build is Phase Blade because of its indestructibility.

  • Base Attack Speed: -30
  • One-Hand Damage: 31 to 35 (Avg. 33)
  • Level Requirement: 54
  • Strength Requirement: 25
  • Dexterity Requirement: 136
  • Durability: Indestructible
  • Quality Level: 73

Weapon #2

The second weapon or the main weapon to use without the shield is the Call To Arms weapon.

  • It gives you 30 out of 30 Durability
  • +1 to All Skills
  • Prevents monsters to heal
  • +290% Enhanced Damage
  • +40% increased attack speed


For the armor, we have chosen the Chains of Honor.

  • It gives you 60 out of 69 Durability.
  • +2 to all skills
  • +86% Enhanced Defense
  • +20 to Strength


We have chosen the Guilaume’s Face helmet that fits well with the armor.

  • +120% Enhanced Defense
  • +30% Faster Hit Recovery
  • 15% Chance of Deadly Strike
  • 35% Chance of Crushing Blow
  • +15 to Strength


Our favorite choice of the shield is the Herald of Zakrum shield. The reason to choose this shield is:

  • Defense: 422-507
  • Required Level: 42
  • Required Strength: 89
  • Chance To Block: 82%
  • Smite Damage: 20 to 28
  • Durability: 50


For the gloves, we have made the choice of choosing the Dracul’s Grasp gloves. They are important for their Life tap ability and it is great for survivability.


Raven Frost is the ring of our choice.

  • +150-250 to Attack Rating
  • +15-45 Cold Damage
  • +15-20 to Dexterity
  • +40 to Mana
  • Cold Absorb 20%
  • Cannot Be Frozen


The belt of choice for this build is the Thundergod’s Vigor.

  • +160-200% Enhanced Defense
  • Adds 1-50 Lightning Damage
  • 5% Chance to Cast Level 7 Fist of the Heavens When Struck
  • +20 Lightning Absorb
  • 10% To Maximum Lightning Resist
  • +20 To Strength
  • +20 To Vitality


For the boots, we have chosen Goblin’s Toes.


Mara’s Kaleidoscope is our amulet of choice by far.

  • +2 to all skills
  • +6 to all attributes
  • +30% to all resistances

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