Diablo 2 Resurrected Magic Find Guide

In this guide for Diablo 2 Resurrected, we’ll explain everything about Magic Find so that you can utilize and stack all your MF bonuses effectively.

Veterans of the Diablo series have always put a great deal of emphasis on maximizing the amount and quality of loot they can obtain on runs. A really important stat that can really bump up the quality of loot you find is Magic find (MF for short). So, in this guide for Diablo 2 Resurrected, we’ll explain the Ins and Outs of the Magic Find stat so that you can utilize and stack all your MF bonuses effectively.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Magic Find

We’ll be tackling the following questions related to Magic Find in D2 Resurrected:

What is Magic Find

Simply put, Magic Find (or MF) is a percentage bonus to finding magical items provided by certain equipment.

The greater the percentage, the higher the chance that you’ll find more magical, rare, set or unique items amongst your loots drops.

Do note that this percentage increase doesn’t increase the amount of loot you get, it just makes the loot you get better.

If you were going to get 5 drops anyway, this won’t increase the amount of those drops. MF will simply make those drops better in quality depending on your Magic Find percentage.

How Does Magic Find Affect Loot

As mentioned earlier, Magic Find will enable you to get more magical loot drops. However, this doesn’t mean you’ll suddenly get higher-level items or increased amounts of Elite or Exceptional items. Rather, it means that whatever drops you do get, will be magical or higher quality.

MF will not increase the chances of finding items, it will just increase the quality of items you are going to find in Diablo 2 Resurrected.

How to increase Magic Find

One of the ways to increase Magic Find in Diablo 2 Resurrected is to socket Perfect Topaz Gems into helm or Armor. MF can be boosted by 168% by a 3-socket helm and 4-socket armor.

Other items can naturally provide some Magic Find percentage via the bonuses they provide.

Characters that don’t rely heavily on equipment for offense (like casters) can afford to socket high amounts of MF onto their equipment.

Barbarians can also get more MF as they have more resistance bonuses and hit points from the skills. They need their equipment less for surviving so they can go for more MF.

Something to note is that while you can go absolutely crazy with magic find percentages, it will have diminishing returns as your character might have to compromise on speed or potential DPS, thus making each magic find run slower than before.

What this means I that you’ll see the number of magical drops corresponding to your increased percentage taper off (although it will still increase, just not by as much as you’d expect).

What is and isn’t affected by Magic Find

As you have known by now that MF has nothing to do with making elite items drop or making more item drops. It will increase the chances of finding a more set, unique and rare magical items.

The thing which MF will not help you get, other than the ones mentioned above, are more of a particular type of items like exceptional items. It will not get you more charm or more jewel drops. However, the jewel dropped will be more rare than magical.

It doesn’t increase the chances of finding unique rings and amulets, but it increases their chance of being better than magical. Magic Find doesn’t affect Rune drops at all.

Highest Possible Magic Find

We will tell you about the Maximum possible MF for the Barbarian here. the maximum MF is as follows.

  • + 180% Weapon
  • + 148% Armor
  • + 80% Helm
  • + 30% Belt
  • + 50% Boots
  • + 40% Gloves
  • + 40% Ring
  • + 40% Ring
  • + 50% Amulet
  • + 280% Charms

Total = 1118%.

The barbarian simply gets more MF because he can dual wield weapons, meaning more MF. Other characters will be 80% less and the total will get to 1038% as the weapon will be a shield a 100% MF instead.

Ideal Magic Find Percentage

There is no answer for how much MF is ideal for you. It completely depends on you and whether you’ve centered a build around it.

As per the stats, the more you have the better it is. The better results usually start from an 80-100% MF and they get even better with 200-300% (although diminishingly).

By the time you have 500% +MF everything you find is magical. Now going from a 500% to 1000% +MF only increase your unique MF by 253-259%.

This is just a slight improvement of 42%. There are also chances that your killing speed drops by 50% due to lesser equipment when you go from 500-1000%.

So, it is better to stick at 500% +MF and doing twice runs at 500% rather than going up. In this way, the chances of you finding something of better quality will be higher. So, it is recommended that you should stick with MF of around 500%.

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