Diablo 2 Resurrected Lightning/Death Sentry Trapsin Build

In this guide, we will show you how to make a Diablo 2 Resurrected Lightning/Death Sentry Trapsin Build to speed through the game

Lightning Trapsin is one of the most popular builds in Diablo II, offering some impressive stats, skills, charms, and abilities. In this guide, we will go through everything that you need to know about the Diablo 2 Resurrected Lightning/Death Sentry Trapsin Build.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Lightning/Death Sentry Trapsin Build

Diablo 2 Resurrected Lightning/Death Sentry Trapsin Build is famous for its excellent abilities and stats, which are highly beneficial for an Assassin Build. Therefore, it is usually the best build that is recommended to new players, and rightfully so.

This build is capable of dealing with various types of damages, making it a necessary option for Assassins of D2 Resurrected.


Certain essential things make this build amongst the top builds in Diablo II for newbies.

  • The best build for beginners: The primary abilities of this build include Lightning, Sentry, and Death Sentry. This set of capabilities makes the gameplay swift and straightforward for new players.
  • Self-sufficient: What’s more interesting about this build is that you do not need any additional gear for this build as it is sufficient on its own. As far as the expensiveness of this build goes, it undoubtedly does get a bit expensive for Assassins.
  • The Corpse Explosion: While mentioning the factors that make this build exceptional, it is necessary to mention The Corpse Explosion effect of this build which makes it a fantastic option when you aim to clear a large group of enemies.
  • Traps: Another important feature about this build is its usage of Traps. The use of traps against various types of damages makes this build a very suitable option for all enemy types. In addition, this build makes the overall gameplay very straightforward and offers a massive toolkit for the players to get the whole experience.


Moving on to the very few drawbacks of this build, we have:

  • Expensive: As mentioned before, the end-game equipment suggestions can be a bit heavy on the pocket, but it is worth it.
  • Time Consuming: It takes up more time than necessary to bolster the damage.


There are three Skill trees for the Assassins; Shadow Disciplines, Martial Arts, and Traps. As mentioned before, the most necessary Skill for a Trapsin is Traps as it will help them improve the rest of their skills as well.

So it would be best to invest in the Traps skill tree to obtain the primary abilities such as Death Sentry and Lightning Sentry.

Primary Skills

These are the primary attributes for a Lightning Trapsin in Diablo II mentioned in a priority-wise order.

  • Lightning Sentry: This is one of the essential skills as it causes the most damage, which is the main focus of this build. Lightning Sentry receives bonuses from Shock Web, Charged Bolt Sentry as well as the Death Sentry. It is ideal for killing enemies.
  • Death Sentry: The same applies to Death Sentry, which explodes corpses for even more damage to the enemies. Death Sentry receives synergy from Fire Blast and Lightning Sentry. It is worth investing skill points to bring this Skill to its max power.
  • Shock Web: This trap consists of conductive components that will carry current between one element to another to inflict maximum damage to an enemy.
  • Charged Bolt Sentry: This device, once it touches the ground, radiates electricity that will damage any enemy in the surroundings. It will release five charged bolts five times.
  • Fire Blast: This trap works like a grenade, you toss it in a projectile manner, and it will explode and cause damage on impact.


Since you’re a Trapsin, you need to have a good amount of knowledge about Traps so that you can put them to use in the best manner possible.

  • Lightning Sentry: This is the most essential part of the entire build. This has the #1 priority as compared to all of the parts of this build. Max out on this ability as soon as possible.
  • Death Sentry: As mentioned before, this is the second most crucial ability which gives you additional synergy to the Lightning Sentry.
  • Charged Bolt Sentry: This trap is a pre-requisite for the Lightning Sentry ability; therefore, its synergy is also related to Lightning Sentry.
  • Shock Web: This is necessary for Charged Bolt Sentry. This also has synergy with the Lightning Sentry.
  • Fire Blast: This trap is necessary for the Shock Web. It has Synergy with the Death Sentry. It would help if you maxed out on this trap as it can be highly beneficial against enemies immune to lightning.

Shadow Disciplines

These skills make your attacks better by offering a robust set of psychic abilities.

  • Weapon Block: Since you’re a Trapsin, you’ll be using Claws quite often. Therefore, weapon block, as discussed before, becomes an essential skill for you to block off enemies without needing a Shield. With just five skill points, you’ll receive a 42% block chance.
  • Burst of Speed: This Skill is an essential part of this build for its ability to clear the enemies almost instantly. For just one Skill Point, this Skill is a game-changer.
  • Cloak of Shadows: As an Assassin, one of your priorities should be to boost your defense and increase the vulnerability of your enemies. Therefore, this Skill is a must-have for you.
  • Claw Mastery: A necessary skill for Burst of Speed and Weapon Block.
  • Psychic Hammer: An essential skill for Cloak of Shadows.
  • Mind Blast: A lifesaver when you need to stun enemies near the skill locations.

Leveling as the Trapsin

Leveling is easy for Trapsins with the usage of skills like Fire Blast and Wake of Fire. These skills will serve you in the earlier part of the game when Leveling is difficult.

Once you reach level 40, you can reset your skill points and switch to Lightning Trapsin Build to put a swift end to the game.

It is worth noting that the game will reward you with one free Skill Reset with each difficulty you encounter.

If you’d like to find out more about an easy leveling up path as the Assassin; check out our guide!

Martial Arts

Lightning Trapsins have nothing to do with the Martial Arts skill set.

Key Items

This build is very self-sufficient; therefore, there isn’t much need to add anything additional to enhance its abilities.

Still, some items are recommended, such as the Dual Wielding Claw Weapons and the Infinity Runeword.

The Claw Weapons will enhance your weapon blocking abilities, while the Infinity Runeword, which is mainly for your Mercenary, allows you to kill enemies which are immune to lightning.

Stats for Lightning/Death Sentry Build

Below are some stats that are worth mentioning while we talk about this specific build.

  • Energy: Energy will determine the Mana recovery and total which is used by the Assassins but investing your points into this is not recommended. It would be best to ignore this stat for now.
  • Dexterity: In Diablo 2 Resurrected, this specific stat will calculate your Block chance and attack rating. Dexterity is essential to use Claw Weapons as an Assassin, so investing points here is highly suggested. The amount of this stat that you need is dependant on the type of Claw, but usually, 79 is the amount for the best Claws.
  • Vitality: This will calculate your Stamina total, Health total, and Stamina recovery, and therefore, you’ll indeed be investing points here.
  • Strength: Strength will impact the type of gear your Assassin can wear and how much damage you cause. Just focus on gaining enough strength so that you can get the best possible equipment for yourself.

Best Mercenary for Lightning/Death Sentry

As a Trapsin, the right Mercenary is essential for you to succeed in the game. The right equipment in your Merc will take you a long way, and the ideal weapons will be the ones that will help you in killing lightning immune enemies.

For example, it would be best for you to pick up mercenaries with the Aura Holy Freeze as this buys you more time to inflict damage on enemies.

  • Body Armor: It would be ideal to have the Fortitude Runeword in your Merc as it offers more significant levels of Resistance along with enhanced damage, defense, and Life. Another alternative that would be ideal for the sake of the Aura of your Merc is Duriel’s Shell.
  • Weapon: As we mentioned before, Infinity Runeword is extremely valuable for a Trapsin’s Mercenary. This useful weapon offers you the Conviction Aura, which will make your enemies vulnerable. You can also use Holy Freeze and Conviction for a powerful combination.
  • Helmet: The best helmets would be Tal Rasha’s Horadric Crest, the Vampire Gaze, or Andariel’s Visage. These helmets form a Leech that is essential to keep the Auras up for the Assassins.

Best Charms

Charms are an exciting feature of Diablo 2. These elements will provide you bonuses by just simply existing in your inventory.

Below are mentioned some essential charms for the Trapsins. These are categorized into small, large, and grand charms. Let’s start with the most important ones.

  • Grand Charms: For these charms, you’ll need anything that has the most +Trap Skills. Gheed’s Fortune is an amazing example of this type of charm. This will give you an immense boost on the Hold drops while reducing the prices.
  • Large Charms: For Large and Small charms, you’ll need to look for charms that have suitable Resistances, Bonus Life, and Magic Finds. An essential charm would be Hellfire Torch which meets all the above-mentioned requirements.
  • Small Charms: Annihilus is the ideal small charm that will be highly beneficial once you have it in your inventory. It’ll grant you +1 Skills, +1 Attributes, All Resistances, and a Bonus Experience which is a cherry on top. This is a precious charm overall.

Best Equipment for Lightning/Death Sentry Build in D2 Resurrected

The most important part of this build that makes it uniquely valuable is its equipment, including the Assassin weaponry and armor.

Best Weapons

The ideal weapon for a Lightning Trapsin would be the one with +Skills and +Resistances. Therefore, the best weapon for this Assassin is Magic Claws.

This is named the most suitable weapon for Trapsins due to its impressive stats and features.

Other than this, another suitable option is Heart of the Oak for its Flail and Shield Combo for defense and lastly, Bartuc’s Cut-Throat.


The Shield isn’t a total necessity for a Lightning Trapsin. Instead, a +6 Sentry on both claws and weapons is preferred on both Claw Weapons.

Still, the Shield might come in handy in the event of a difficult fight. In such an instance, Spirit will be the ideal Shield for you.


A lightning Trapsin needs Magic or Rare helmet that offers +All Skills, +traps skills, or Assassin Skill and +Resistances. These are the two best options that you have.

Magic or Rare Helmet

  • +3 to Traps
  • +15 on All Resistances
  • Damage Reduction by 8%
  • Socketed (2)

Harlequin Crest

  • Defense: 98-141
  • Durability: 12
  • +1-148 to Life
  • +1-148 to Mana
  • 50% better chances of getting magic items
  • +2 to All Attributes


Mara’s Kaleidoscope or a Magic or Rare Amulet with their +3 Trap Skills and Life or Faster Cast Rate are suitable choices.

Mara’s Kaleidoscope

  • +2 to all skills
  • +20-30 to all resistances
  • +5 to all attributes

Magic or Rare Amulet

  • +3 to Traps
  • +100 Life


Enigma Runeword is the best option for armor. However, teleportation can be very useful to Trapsins, allowing the assassins to move quickly around the battlefield while placing traps for the enemies.

Besides Enigma, Treachery is an excellent alternative for body Armor.


Raven Frost is a necessity for most Diablo 2 builds. The below-mentioned rings are the best options as they provide +All Skills.

Stone of Jordan

  • +1 to all skills
  • +1-12 lightning damage
  • +20 to mana
  • Increase maximum mana 25%

Bul-Katho’s Wedding Band

  • +1 to all skills
  • +0-49 to Life
  • 3-5% Life stolen per hit
  • +50 maximum stamina


Magefist and Trang-oul’s claws are both fantastic options for a decent amount of Faster Cast Rate. For Trapsins, you’ll want to mix both Faster Cast Rate and Increased Attack Speed.


  • +20-30% enhanced defense
  • +10 Defense
  • +1 to Fire Skills
  • +20% Faster Cast Rate
  • Regenerate Mana 25%

Trang-oul’s claws

  • +20% Faster Cast Rate
  • +30% Cold Resist
  • +25% Poison Skill Damage
  • +2 To Curses


Arachnid Mesh and Goldwrap are fantastic options for belts as Trapsins.

Arachnid Mesh

  • +90-120% enhanced defense
  • +1 to all skills
  • 20% faster cast rate


  • +25 Defense
  • +40-60% Enhanced Defense
  • 10% increased attack speed
  • +2 to light radius


Aldur’s Advance with their 40% faster run/walk make them the best boots for clear speed options. War Traveler is another suitable option.

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