Diablo 2 Resurrected Frenzy Barbarian Build

In Diablo 2: Resurrected, you can customize a range of builds for all the classes, including the Barbarian Class. In...

In Diablo 2: Resurrected, you can customize a range of builds for all the classes, including the Barbarian Class. In this D2R guide, we will walk you through the recommended Frenzy Barbarian Build in Diablo 2 Resurrected.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Frenzy Barbarian Build

Barbarian is probably the most difficult-to-use class in D2: Resurrected. However, with the right tweaks and modifications, you can get the most out of this class.

Frenzy Barbarian build is made particularly for beginners who want to complete the game on normal difficulty. Our guide below will walk you through all the specifications of this build, including its skills, attributes, gear, and more.

Every build has some strengths and weaknesses. Let’s first have a look at the strengths of Frenzy Barbarian Build:

Frenzy Barbarian Strengths

  • It can effectively use two maces at a time to quickly take down the individual targets.
  • The damage and attack rating of this build is pretty impressive as a beginner build.

Frenzy Barbarian Weaknesses

With strengths come weaknesses. Here are the main shortcomings of the build under discussion:

  • It has limited AoE options.
  • This build offers a lack of ranged attacks.

Attribute Distribution

  • Strength: 60
  • Dexterity: 35
  • Vitality: 175
  • Energy: 15


Bash +1: Deals a powerful blow that enhances the damage to enemies. This skill will basically serve as a prerequisite for the Double Swing skill that unlocks at Level 6.

Double Swing +9: With two weapons equipped, it can cause you to attack either two targets or one target twice. This skill also comes with an increased attack rating of +15%.

Leap +1: Allows you to jump into the air and knock back nearby enemies upon landing. This skill will especially come in handy when you are surrounded by enemies, or you need to reach the enemies at a distance.

Frenzy +14: Allows you to utilize two weapons at the same time. Each successful attack will enhance your overall speed. Frenzy is much more effective than Double Swing. However, at the early stages of the game, due to its zero Mana cost, Double Swing is probably your best bet.

Mace Mastery +10: Passively improves Mace’s fighting skill by boosting attack rating (+28%), damage (+28%), and the chance of critical strike (+5%). The variety of maces in Diablo 2: Resurrected is what allows them to fit into this build perfectly.

Increased Stamina +1: Passively increases your stamina by 30%.

Iron Skin +1: Improves defense by 30%.

Increased Speed +4: Passively increased your walk and run speed by 13%.

Natural Resistance +1: Passively improves resistances to elemental and poison damage by 12%. The best way you can distribute these skills is by focusing on the Double Swing Skill. Once you hit Level 24 and the Frenzy skill unlocks, shift your focus towards it.

Finally, spend some points on mace mastery and assign one point each to other passives.

Best Gear for Frenzy Barbarian in D2 Resurrected

Here is the recommended gear for Frenzy Barbarian Build:


Since Barbarian is the only class that can use two weapons at a time, instead of a Shield, you’d want to equip a mace in each of your hands.

The best early on Mace that you find is the Flail. Apart from that, you could also go for the Steel Runeword Mace, which becomes accessible at Level 13. Steel increases your attack rating, attack speed, and damage, making it a perfect match to your build.


For Helmet, you have two options, namely Nadir and Lore. The first one can be equipped at Level 13, while for the second one, the required level is 27.

Nadir is particularly beneficial in terms of its defense rating, so you’ll want to equip it as soon as you reach Level 13.

On the other hand, Lore can add +1 to all your skills, so shifting to it once it’s unlocked is the recommended way to go.


For armor, you’d want to be on the lookout for the Stealth Runeword.

Available at level 17, this is by far the best armor you can have early on in the game, especially due to its exceptional poison resistance and faster hit recovery.


For amulet, look for the one that provides a good defense and attack rating. We recommend choosing the Highlord’s Wrath Amulet.


Similar to the amulet, look for the rings that provide good defense as well as attack rating. So, Raven Frost and Bul-Kathos’ Wedding Band are your go-to choices.


For gloves, focus on defensive stats, such as life and resistances. The Hand of Broc, Bloodfist, and Chance Guards are some of the good choices early on.

For Belt, again, focus on defensive stats. Immortal King’s Detail and Hwanin’s Blessing are two of the fine options.

As for Boots, apart from defensive stats, look for faster walk/run speed. As such, Gore Rider could be a great option.