Diablo 2 Resurrected Best Low Level Runewords Guide

This guide will help pick the best Runewords that you can use at low levels to get the most out of your items in the early stages of Diablo 2: Resurrected.

In Diablo 2: Resurrected there is a heavy emphasis on build variety using various modifiers. This guide will help pick the best Runewords that you can use at low levels to get the most out of your items in the early stages of Diablo 2: Resurrected.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Best Low-Level Runewords

If you want to dive deep into the adventures of Diablo 2: Resurrected and settle into the endgame fast, you’re in the right place. Runeword is a major component of the game that helps you use high-level weapons and helps you to cope with the game’s increasing difficulty.

Players who are eager to progress their character in the game will have to obtain low-level Runewords. These are fairly easy to acquire and stay active even if you pass Level 30.

Before we jump into the types of low-level Runewords, you need to understand what actually this item is.

What are Runewords

What is a Runeword? A combination of numerous runestones to create a buff on your gear is a Runeword. Check out our guide to learn more about how Runewords work!

Items especially can be enhanced via the use of several Runewords to make your characters and their gear more powerful.

In Diablo 2 Resurrected there are a total of 33 runes but we’ll be covering some low-level ones that you can use early on.

Early game Runewords can make a world of difference for your character, so it’s essential that you utilize them.

How to Make Runewords

In Diablo 2: Resurrected, your character’s equipment is very crucial. The progress and success of your character is pretty much dependant on how you’ll be arming your character’s builds.

A good set of abilities and weapons will ensure you consistent wins during the battles and also a hindrance-free progression throughout different levels. Moreover, as you win boss fights and get rid of small enemies, you’ll obtain more Runes.

To achieve this, you’ll have to improve your weapons by making Runewords.

In order to do this, you’ll basically have to combine runes with your weapons and it’ll form a word. Based on whatever word is created, the weapon will receive a modification that’ll boost the weapon’s performance.

The concept of Runes is similar to gems. You’ll basically have to collect Runes and then find sockets that’ll accept them. You’ll find different levels of Runes throughout the game and they’ll be used to craft powerful weapons.

It is important to know that you can’t take out Runes from weapons once they’ve been combined. So as soon as you get one, be critical about the combination you’re about to create and how it will benefit you

The table below will give you an overview of some low-level Runewords.

Runeword Level Required Rune Order Item Type
Steel 13 Tir + El Axe, Mace or Sword
Nadir 13 Nef + Tir Helmet
Malice 15 Ith + El + Eth Melee Weapons
Stealth 17 Tal + Eth Armor
Leaf 19 Tir + Ral Staff
Zephyr 21 Ort + Eth Ranged Weapons
Ancient’s Pledge 21 Ral + Ort + Tal Shield

Best Low-Level Runewords

Confused on which one to go for first? Here are some best low-level Runewords in Diablo 2 Resurrected to try out so you can get some footing regarding this mechanic.

Steel (Til + El)

Item Requirement: Maces, Axes and Non-Magic Swords with 2 available Slots

Level Requirement: 13

This Runeword is applicable to weapons like swords, axes and maces. It increases the damage and attack speed of the holder. There is also a 50% chance to inflict bleeding by causing Open Wounds on an enemy.

Classes like Barbarian, Druid and Paladin can take advantage of this Runeword. Steel is a gateway to Runewords for a reason.

It buffs you with the following:

  • 25% Increased Attack Speed
  • 20% Enhanced Damage
  • +3 Minimum Damage
  • +3 Maximum Damage
  • +50 Attack Rating
  • 50% Chance of Open Wounds
  • +2 Mana After Each Kill
  • +1 Light Radius

Nadir (Nef + Tir)

Item Requirement: Non-magic helms with 2 available slots

Level Requirement: 13

For the character you planned to take a hit and survive, the Nadir Runeword is perfect. This Runeword buffs the defenses of all classes.

But it definitely has an advantageous affinity with Assassin’s Cloak of Shadows. So, expect to use this for pro-cloak builds like Dragon Talon build.

It also boosts strength, gold and mana. It’s a good Runeword that works for all builds and for those in the future if you stay loyal to it. Nadir provides the following stats

  • +50% Enhanced Defense
  • +10 Defense
  • +30 Defense vs. Missile
  • Level 13 Cloak of Shadows (9 Charges)
  • +2 Mana After Each Kill
  • +5 Strength
  • -33% Extra Gold from Monsters
  • -3 Light Radius

Malice (Ith + El + Eth)

Item Requirement: Non-magic melee weapons with 3 available slots

Level Requirement: 15

Perfect for a brutal character, Malice is perfect for melee weapons.

This Runeword works like Steel because it buffs damage and inflicts the Open Wound effect. So, it causes bleeding to occur while decreasing an enemy’s defense.

That’s not all; it drains the life of your enemy so that they can’t heal.  Assassins Barbarians, Amazon, Paladin and Druid can benefit from this Runeword.

However, if your Sorceress or Necromancer has a melee weapon, they can surely take advantage from Malice’s buffs.

  • +33% Enhanced Damage
  • +9 to Maximum Damage
  • -25% Target Defense
  • +50 to Attack Rating
  • 100% Chance of Open Wounds
  • Prevent Monster Heal
  • -100 to Monster Defense Per Hit
  • Drain Life -5

Stealth (Tal + Eth)

Item Requirement: Non-magic body armor with 2 available slots

Level Requirement: 17

True to its name, the Stealth Runeword is meant for silent killers. Assassins in particular can take advantage of this Runeword.

Once installed within an armor, Stealth allows for increased movement and attack speed. Mana and Life regeneration is also increased along with resistance to Poison.

It also boosts Dexterity and Stamina along with a faster cast rate and hit recovery.

You can already see how utilitarian-based this Runeword is. So, whenever you need to strike at your enemy and escape unscathed, this rune is yours to manipulate.

  • 25% Faster Cast Rate
  • 25% Faster Hit Recovery
  • 25% Faster run/walk
  • Magic Damage reduced by 3
  • 15% Regenerate Mana
  • Poison Resist +30%
  • +15 maximum Stamina
  • +6 Dexterity

Leaf (Tir + Ral)

Item Requirement: Non-magic staffs with 2 available slots

Level Requirement: 19

Step aside melee fighters, the Leaf Runeword is bestowed onto the Mages of Diablo 2 Resurrected.

Mage’s who have just started and need a boost to their spells, Leaf will aid you. The advantages of this rune word range from higher cold resistance to mana leeching.

It also gives a much-needed boost to Fire Skills and Damage. Examples of some spells being Inferno, Firebolt and Warmth etc.

So, if you are creating a Pyrokinetic Based Sorceress, this Runeword is perfect for you.

  • +3 to Fire Skills
  • Adds 5-30 Fire Damage
  • +3 to Inferno(Sorceress Only)
  • +3 to Warmth(Sorceress Only)
  • +3 to Fire Bolt(Sorceress Only)
  • +(2*Clvl) Defense (Based on Character Level)
  • Cold Resist +33%
  • +2 to Mana after each Kill
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