Diablo 2 Resurrected Barbarian Leveling Guide

A Barbarian can be a tough character to level. If you are tired of using different unsuccessful techniques, then this...

A Barbarian can be a tough character to level. If you are tired of using different unsuccessful techniques, then this Diablo 2 Resurrected Barbarian Leveling guide is certainly for you guys. We will be telling you about some useful skills, gears, and other useful tips to easily level this character.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Barbarian Leveling

The Barbarian is the king of melee damage dealers in the world Diablo 2 Resurrected. While no other class gets close to him in dishing out an insane amount of melee damage, the Barbarian can be a finicky class to level up when you are new to D2 Resurrected.

Early Skills to Level Up

To begin with, at Level 1, you should utilize your points to get mace mastery and double swing from the combat masteries section.

Mace mastery will help you to cause more damage earlier on during the combat, while Double Swing enhances the attacking abilities by allowing you to throw more than one weapon simultaneously.

Also, make sure you get some natural resistance to bear the elemental and poison damage effectively. This will increase your surviving time, thus giving you a greater chance to succeed against the Barbarian.

Moreover, you will want to spend some points for frenzy from the combat skills section, as it increases the speed. Make sure you swap between double swing and frenzy to attack with the increased speed.

The players should focus on Warcries as well to effectively level a Barbarian.

To begin with, you should use the Concentrate skill as well. This allows you to make uninterrupted attacks, so you can hit the enemy more effectively.

War Cry and Battle Cry are also important skills to be used against the Barbarian.

War Cry enhances attacking abilities by causing sudden casualties to the enemy, while Battle Cry improves your defensive abilities by reducing the damage received from the enemy.

Here, Battle Order will also help you by providing the bonus life. Make sure to maximize your battle cry and war cry skills with time.

This surely will help you to keep you in the fight for a longer time and cause more damage to the enemy as well.

Gear and Attributes

The players should focus on Dexterity, Vitality, and Strength. You should be using an equal amount of Dexterity and Vitality for their effective use. We recommend that you use them as follows.

  • Strength – 41
  • Dexterity – 35
  • Vitality – 45

This allows you to unlock the flails for the Barbarian as well. As far as the flails are concerned, you should be focusing on Itheleth and Taltaltal. Now, the players can use them simultaneously with the help of a double swing.

Itheleth can give you a greater chance to cast an open wound on the enemy, while Taltaltal provides extra poison damage. You just have to reset the sharp to use them.

To do so, you can go to the weapon option under the trade/repair tab. Here, you can easily find three open sockets.

Also, Taleth can be useful to provide you with the essential armor. One can also go with anything from chain boots, the ring, and blood fist later on during the combat.

Once you reach level 30, many other options will open up for you guys as well. Now, you can get +101 to mana, +20% to faster casting rate, and dual swords.

Dual Swords for the Barbarian is a really good option to go with, as you can combine two different swords to enhance your hitting abilities.

We recommend that you should go with a pair of dual swords to cause a huge amount of damage to the enemy.

Moreover, a Blood Cap and a Teleport Staff can also be good options to go with. The Blood Cap enhances your attacking abilities, while Teleport Staff helps you to make movements in and out of the town.

To do so, the players should go for the teleport charges. You can also use Rhyme against the bosses, as it’s specifically effective against them. Make sure you keep your life and resistance maximized to make the leveling process simpler.

With that being said, you will somehow need a little amount of Cannot be Frozen like Raven Frost to enhance your defensive abilities.

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