Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Rucker Extraction Golem City Story Missions Guide

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Rucker Extraction Story Mission Guide which sends you into Golem City to find the leader of ARC and extract him out of the area.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Rucker Extraction Story Mission Guide which sends you into Golem City.

Your job in this mission is to find the leader of ARC and extract him out of the area. However, before you start, you need to make contact with Tibor Skol – one of your contacts in Golem City.

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Rucker Extraction Story Mission Guide

Our guide on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Rucker Extraction Story Mission walks you through the entire mission for both stealth and combat playthrough.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Rucker Extraction Walkthrough

Freeing Tibor

After starting, you need to head over to the other end of alley to speak with Dr. Martine Onziema. Try providing her with some Neuropoynze to receive information about cops, ARC, and a nearby storage area.

As you move towards the marked apartment, search nearby small buildings to receive some useful items – there is no need to mess with cops in this area. Once you arrive in Tibor’s apartment, speak with his sister-in-law Adele to find out about him and his brother’s whereabouts.

If you, however, mess around with police before speaking with Adele, she will flee from the apartment and you will have to rely upon finding clues in the apartment to know more about Tibor. Moreover, try to use Social Augmentations on Adele for more information.

To find Tibor, head over to detention area nearby and take the stairs heading down to the northwest edge of the area where you will be stopped by a guard. At this point, you can sneak past in, go in with force, or pay 1,000 credits.

To sneak in, use a vent on the western wall to come directly behind an officer. Disable her and the one who stopped you followed by looting nearby lockers and speak with Tibor inside the detention facility.

At this point, you will be presented with a few optional goals including freeing Tibor’s brother, convincing Gallois to let you inside ARC, and doing a favor for Otar. For the purpose of this walkthrough, I’m skipping through these optional quests, but you can do them for extra XP.

Entering The Throat

In order to enter The Throat, you either need to use the elevator or the ladder behind Gallois Store. Once there, speak with the man named Marchenko, but do not press him for any additional information.

After talking to Marchenko, head over to the north side of the area and take the side route to get out in the open portion of The Throat. Loot the large crate and use the nearby support beam to reach the elevator.

After heading to Floor-6, break through the gate into the ARC compound, and receive a call from Chikane. From there, continue going straight through the hallway and you will come across a conversation between Tibor and a few ARC members.

However, one thing to note here is that if you cause any trouble while coming up here, you will completely miss this scene.

Going Through RVAC Row

Your next task is to head into Ridit Station. You can either use brute force to push inside – which is not ideal – or use vents or elevator on the seventh floor to proceed to the area.

Another thing to note here is that the place has a wide range of weaponry which combat players might find useful.

Combat Playthrough
If you are going with combat, you need to select either a Combat Rifle or a Battle Rifle. Keep a safe distance and score a couple of headshots to start the battle.

Try to stay behind the cover most of the time and quickly head inside one of the buildings if you are overwhelmed. Once you are done with the fight, loot the bodies, turn off securities from the south side (if you care) and push towards the marked objective.

Stealth Playthrough
You basically need to silently push through the living quarters. If you want a conversation with Tibor, you will find him inside left-hand-side building, but make sure to approach silently or he will become aggressive.

While talking to Tibor, do not taunt/threaten him, and reply with ‘Yes’ whenever he asks a question. This will allow you to move past the area without breaking a fight with Tibor. Obviously, you can skip this entire part if you are not interested in Tibor.

Once you are done with Tibor, you need to retrace your steps, climb the ladder on the right-hand-side and wait for a patroller to come by. You can either knock her out or quickly go through the vent to let her pass by.

After coming out of the vent, knock out the single guard in the area and then the one on the other watching TV while heading west. Head inside the door nearby with the patroller not looking in your direction and inside another door on right-hand-side.

You need to stick to the wall in order to avoid the camera in there and wait in the doorway for two men to finish their conversation. Once done, knock down the one standing near the elevator which you need to use to head over to the seventh floor. You will, once again, receive a call from Chikane while heading up.

Reaching Rucker’s Office

Once you arrive in the tight area, your objective is to take the elevator to Rucker. This, once again, can be accomplished in different ways.

Combat Playthrough
From the front entrance, you need to start from cover, but do note that enemies in the area have cover as well – a grenade helps a lot here. After moving into the small room, you will be greeted with a small army of enemies.

There is absolutely no need to charge in as your grenades and typhoon blasts will do a lot of work for you. Once you are done with enemies in the small room, you will not find much resistance any longer.

After you are done with enemies, head over to north side and disable turrets in the area and proceed to the second floor where the elevator will be guarded by a single turret – make sure to replenish ammo and weaponry before proceeding.

Stealth Playthrough
You need to sneak towards the construction area in the north side and slowly drop down to the second floor. You need to make sure that you land on the second floor and not first unless you want to make things a tad more complicated.

From the second floor ledge, you need to make your way towards the room on the west and hack the computer to unlock the nearby door. Once inside the room, sneak towards the north side when the patrol is not facing.

There are a few storage rooms in there as well which you can use to hide in and avoid getting seen. From the small storage rooms, head towards the hallway near the turret. In addition to the turret, there is a man inside the computer room, make sure to enter the elevator when both turret and the man are facing away.

Confronting Rucker

Once you are inside Rucker’s room, you need to use the following conversation tactics for Silver Tongue bonus:

  • Turn Tables
  • Justify
  • Turn Tables
  • Turn Tables

Once done, head inside the side room using Rucker’s card. Use the multi-tool on the safe to find some amazing loot including a Praxis Kit. As you prepare to leave the area, you will again have the option of choosing stealth or combat.

Combat Playthrough
After leaving the office, you will come across a large group, x3 drones, and some more men from lower floors. The best strategy is to retreat back into the office and pick enemies from there.

As for dealing with drones, you need to have EMP with you! Once you are done, head down to find two more enemies – make sure to be prepared for them.

Stealth Playthrough
From the evidence room, make sure to open the window and use the ladder to reach Level 5. While sneaking towards the east side, make sure that you are not spotted by a patroller there.

Hack your way inside a few rooms as you head east and use vent to get outside. Try to stay close to the wall and head over to the building on the north side. Try to keep it low as you hack the security laptops otherwise you will get spotted by the guards.

After disabling cameras, drones, etc., head out from the northern window and knock out an enemy before leaping down. A little ahead, you will come across x2 enemies – make sure to knock them out when they are not together.

After you arrive at the bottom, open up the large gate, and dash towards the exit to complete Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Rucker Extraction Story Mission.

This is all we have on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Rucker Extraction Story Mission Walkthrough. If there is something else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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