Destiny 2 Utopia Walkthrough Guide – Festering Halls, Core Chamber, Get The Advanced CPU

Destiny 2 Utopia Walkthrough Guide will help you with the Utopia mission that will task players to grab an Advanced CPU Festering Halls’ Core Chamber, as there will be many foes waiting for you along with treacherous terrain.

Utopia mission in Destiny 2 tasks players with grabbing an advance CPU from the Festering Halls for Amanda Holliday that is infested with the Hive that are waiting to attack as show up.

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Destiny 2 Utopia Walkthrough Guide

Destiny 2 Utopia Walkthrough Guide will detail all there is for players to know so complete the mission efficiently while attempting to grab the Core from the Core Chamber of the Festering Halls.

Destiny 2 Utopia Walkthrough

Access Terminal

Festering Halls Entrance
Super: Optional; Grenades: Optional

Make your way across the remains of the larger bridge ahead and then make your way down up the steps to the dark gantry platforms. You will face many foes along the way; make a quick work of them. Once they are done shoot through the LED panels to make a hole big enough for a guardian and step through it into the main forecourt.

Access the terminal to the right and a Ghost scan will reveal the path ahead through the white corridors then through a turnstile and inside the Festering Halls.

Festering Halls

Forecourts and Lobby
Super: Optional; Grenades: Optional

Plug in the Ghost to the terminal by the oval shaped door and wait for the door to open. Drop down and deal with the wave of foes that comes at you and once they are done make your way up the wide set of steps that span the entrance.

You will also face acolytes and one of them will retreat into a darkened adjacent lobby. Kill the enemies, follow it through, and kill anyone that comes your way. Drop down through the floor that Hive has eaten away. Keep moving ahead you will reach a corridor lit with an orange glow. More enemies will come your way, so take care of them.

Main Hall
Super: Recommended; Grenades: Recommended

One the foes and the Shrieker are done, turn right from the dead Shrieker and look down. Drop down in the main hall after taking care of the acolytes and other enemies nearby. There will more of the acolytes in the main hall milling in their nests, deal with them.

Drop down from the raised corridor but, be prepared as you are about to face a foe for which you might not be prepared, Sub-Boss Ogre, Garmurg. This will be an intense fight, as you will face the boss and other foes at the same time.

Descent into the Core Chamber
Super: Not Recommended; Grenades: Not Recommended

As the Ogre retreats from where it emerged, drop down on the narrow platform at the door entrance. Make your way down the connecting corridor to another shaft and again drop down at a doorway. Move ahead through another short corridor to a third shaft. Step on to the lit ledge carefully and keep jumping down to the lowest doorway.

Enter the maintenance corridor, shoot the secretion preventing you from dropping down, and drop into the sloped maintenance corridor. Destroy the grating at the far end and enter the long duct. The light will turn from orange to bluish and enemies will attack.

Keep going down the corridor, drop down again, and proceed ahead where you will encounter more enemies and will find a Hive entrance to the left. Destroy the secretion in your way and keep going through the narrow hive tunnel that will take you to another maintenance duct. Drop down towards a blue light leading to an open floor grating.

Drop down through this grating and you will reach the Core Chamber. Pick up the core but, Hive forces will wake up and you will need to drop the core for a while and kill them and then again pick it up. Keep making your way through the circular doorway and it is time to escape from this place.

The Escape
Super: Not Recommended; Grenades: Not Recommended

Run up the stairs and access one of the parked APCs but it will have to offensive capabilities so you will have to do some ramming and crashing but be mindful of the damage your APC will be receiving. Crush through the Hive columns and drive into the massive cavern. Simple run over your foes along the way and do not stop and try to kill everyone.

Head through the tunnels, across a bridge and then into a hallway. Keep going ahead through the Hive tunnel and you will exit through the elevated roadway and Amanda Holliday picks you up.

That is all for our Destiny 2 Utopia Walkthrough Guide with tips on how to enter the Festering Halls and acquire the Core from the Core Chamber.

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