Destiny 2 Sacrilege Walkthrough Guide – Terrabase Charon, How To Defeat Vortex Mind

Destiny 2 Sacrilege Walkthrough Guide with the Sacrilege mission that tasks players to push back Taken but the Taken are here prepared and has brought Vortex Mind with them.

In this Destiny 2 mission players have to battle the Taken and work their way to close the portal but their path is blocked by Vortex Mind that is the toughest boss you have faced until this point in the campaign and that is where Destiny 2 Sacrilege Walkthrough Guide comes in.

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Destiny 2 Sacrilege Walkthrough Guide

Destiny 2 Sacrilege Walkthrough Guide will detail all there is to complete the mission and will guide you about how to defeat the Vortex Mind.

Destiny 2 Sacrilege Walkthrough

Terrabase Charon

Depot Assault
Super: Optional; Grenades: Optional

Once the Cabal ship departs run towards the Red Legion Base through the Lost Oasis and into the Terrabase Charon sector. You will meet some enemies along the way, so kill them and there will be more enemies at the upper ledge to your left.

The Wraith Mines

Bunker Busting
Super: Optional; Grenades: Optional

Make your way down the connecting corridor into the Excavation Site II. There will be strange rifts on the wall that will indicate that there is trouble ahead as the Taken has arrived here. Run through the traps and avoid shooting them.

Now make your way inside the cavern with the ledge ahead and above and you will see an exit before you. Here Taken will charge on you so you need to take care of them first. Once they are done, exit the cavern at the ground level and move up the steps of the linking chamber. Make your way up to the second cavern storage and here you will be greeted by multiple foes, take care of them.

The upper storage chamber will wrap around and down to the initial cavern but, you will face more ferocious enemies as you return. As they are taken care of, continue down to the passage with Taken taps and the floor will be glowing blue. Here you will face more Taken, kill them and pass into the initial orange-hued rock cavern. Here you will face more Taken but, you can either face them or escape from there. Taken are about to open a portal and retrace your steps onto the surface.

Port Assault
Super: Recommended; Grenades: Recommended

The ritual to open up a portal has been started by the Taken and players need to stop the portal from opening. Take care of the enemies as you emerge back at the surface and as you defeat them sub-bosses, Three Taken Wizards, will appear and you need to kill those present in the vicinity.

Killing them will not be easy as they will be accompanied with Two Taken Phalanxes and four Taken Psions guard each. Kill them one by one in whatever order you like.

How to Defeat Vortex Mind
Super: Recommended; Grenades: Recommended

As you kill the Taken Wizards, the portal continues to open, the entire arena is covered in it, and trapping you inside it and more foes, start to appear but they are low-level foes at the moment. Kill them as they come at you and as you are done with them, The Vortex Mind appears, highly dangerous Taken Centurion.

Vortex Mind might be the toughest boss you might have encountered at this point in the game. It can kill you in just three or four shots and other Taken soldiers appear throughout the fight. So be prepared to die several times if you are not prepared for Vortex Mind.

At first, Vortex Mind will stay in the sunken central part of the arena, you need to be at the upper perimeter, and it is important because at a lower level you are likely to be overwhelmed by lesser foes and the Vortex Mind. The only time you can even think of going closer is if you are using a shotgun.

Make more vertical leaps or step to the ledge and continuously fire at Vortex Mind and the higher ground will help you keep an eye on the lesser foes coming towards you. Players will also need to shoot homing bombs that Vortex Mind throws their way or just take cover. Shooting is a better option as you can immediately get back to shooting the Vortex Mind.

Be patient during the fight as being overly eager will get you killed. As the health drops, additional lesser foes will be summoned but their attack pattern will remain the same. Move continuously to avoid dying and use the rocks as the cover. Keep following these steps and Vortex Mind will fall and the mission will conclude.

That is all for our Destiny 2 Sacrilege Walkthrough Guide with tips on how to defeat the Vortex Mind.

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