Destiny 2 Six Walkthrough Guide – How To Defeat Acanthos, Defeat Jaliks, How To Get The Scorch Cannon

Destiny 2 Six Walkthrough Guide will help you with Six mission in Destiny 2 and how to defeat both Acanthos and Jaliks as they are very tough bosses and where to find the Scorch Cannon.

In this mission, players will further their mission to find Cayde-6 and for that, they will have to face off against Acanthos and Jaliks and both of them are very tough and that is where Destiny 2 Six Walkthrough Guide comes in.

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Destiny 2 Six Walkthrough Guide

Destiny 2 Six Walkthrough Guide will detail how to defeat the Acanthos and Jaliks and where to acquire the Scorch Cannon.

Destiny 2 Six Walkthrough

The Cistern

Radiolarian Stream
Super: Not Recommended; Grenades: Not Recommended

You will begin at a platform and the signal will be coming from a nearby split inside the wall. Enter the split and into the tunnel-like warren called Pools of Luminance that will be filled with a white liquid that will damage upon touching. Jump to the rocky outcrops and ledges as you navigate through the Radiolarian Stream and jump from the last ledge through a circular doorway and into a cavern.

The cavern looks unstable but the floor will be firm. There will be Vex harpies nearby, thin their numbers. Clear the cavern, seek out the connecting chamber with some fluid on the floor, and make your way to the narrow golden wall.

Luminance Arena
Super: Recommended; Grenades: Recommended

You will enter into an arena-like area and there will be a central circle of the ground raised from the entrance. There will be a platform to your left and some stepping-stones to the right. Here you will face extremely difficult waves of Vex. The first wave will teleport as players advance on the central circle. As you clear it, the second wave will appear.

Once the waves are cleared, a final wave of enemies will appear which will consist of Minotaurs, Harpies, and Goblins. These will be easier to defeat and once they are exit through the marked stepped tunnel into the Vex temple. Grab the teleporter and it is time to find Cayde himself. Step into the gate and you will teleport back at the entrance.

Make your way back to the Cistern, if you see a Vex-like ball structure then you are on the right path. Continue until you reach The Glade of Echoes.

Glade of Echoes

Super: Recommended; Grenades: Recommended

How To Defeat Acanthos
Vex will prevent you from reaching the crash site by sending a gigantic Minotaur Vex known as, Acanthos. However, this boss will not be alone, as you will be surrounded by Vex. Firstly, the Acanthos and his Goblins will be fighting against a Fallen Captain.

You can proceed however, you like but we recommend sneaking. Sneak behind them through the massive skeleton of onto the platforms on the other side where the Captain and Vandals are. Kill them all first and Acanthos will direct all its fire towards you, so stay away from the lip of the platform and sidestep Acanthos’ gunfire until he disappears. Kill the remaining foes.

Head straight to the platform by the Servitor on the left side of the road and use cover as you go ahead. Kill Servitor first then Dregs and then target the Vandals and then the Fallen Captain before Acanthos attacks again. Use the same side stepping strategy as before. Once his health has dropped enough he will again disappear.

Acanthos will make its final stand farther up the dirt road hill. Goblins will be on the road and two groups of Fallen will be one the road. Sneak around the left perimeter of the battle and make a quick work of Servitor and Vandals. Do this for both groups of The Fallen.

Use your grenades and your Super whenever possible on smaller enemies or Acanthos. It is preferred that you focus your Super at Acanthos’ weak point. Keep doing this and Acanthos will be defeated. You can leave the remaining enemies and escape through the dissipated energy wall. Head uphill and exit through the gigantic ruins of a massive spacecraft and head downhill to the crash site.

Exodus Black

How to Defeat Jaliks
Super: Optional; Grenades: Recommended

The Fallen will be active in the shallow lake area where you will find the remains of Exodus Black. Concentrate on a series of tubes that will be leading to the large circular open hull with a blue energy wall preventing your progress. Players need to enter here after dealing with the threat.

Here you will face an impressively tough Fallen captain called Jaliks. Shoot his shield with Void Energy weapon until he vanishes. Make your way to the Exodus Black’s platform entrance and drop the Dregs. Shanks will appear from the behind of one of the upright cylinders along the perimeter fuselage wall. More Fallen will drop from the drop ships, so expect his encounter to the intense.

Jaliks will be your priority target and as his health drops to third, he will disappear to a fallen base on the rocky and slightly elevated ground further in the sector. Get to the base where Jaliks has fled to and there will be many enemies for you to take care of.

Jaliks will start from the platform of the base nearby. He will shift position as you attack him and will be going back and forth in a specific area. You can take on this boss however, you like but we recommend a rear assault attack.

Make your way around the perimeter of the sector to a large rock stalagmite and use them as covers while you take care of the smaller foes. Once they are done, leap atop the rocks and then go across landing on the platform.

Shoot the vandals as you go and then use the curved roof of the main part of the base to stand on and as a cover. Finish off the smaller ones before diverting your attention to Jaliks and keep attacking him and he will fall and will drop Scorch Cannon, a powerful rocket launch capable of laying waste multiple enemies.

More enemies will approach you, so it is up to you if you want to kill them using regular weapons or the Scorch Cannon. Once the area is cleared, Failsafe opens the Exodus Black.

That is all for our Destiny 2 Six Walkthrough Guide with tips on how to defeat Jaliks and Acanthos and how to acquire the Scorch Cannon.

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